Do you use a cover for your cooktop? What is your opinion on this one?

Debbie B.
5 years ago

Hi all! :-) I did a search and scoured the forums, but I only found one thread that dealt with this topic, and it must have been before people were actually fabricating cooktop covers, because the advice ranged from using the cutout from the sink as a cover, using large cutting boards, etc.

I'm looking at a Frigidaire induction cooktop, 30". I would like a good cover for it to a) prevent dropping something on it and cracking it and b) to give myself another 600 sq in. of work space. I found this one here and it looks pretty good. I watched a short YouTube video on it as well: watch video.

Here are some pics:

It's made of aluminum and they say it can hold 170lbs. You can get it in black, white, or ss (the stainless costs a bit more). It goes for $139. To me, that is a small price to pay to protect my glass surface and to give me more work space or serving space. It is designed for almost any cooktop: induction, radiant glass, electric coil, or gas with an electric starter. It is NOT for use with gas with a pilot light. It is supposed to fit any 30" cooktop. You can also order custom sizes.

Has anyone used this? What is your opinion on it?

Thanks in advance! :-)

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