I need some guidance on organization of Asian inspired yard.

Paul f
5 years ago

I'm finally trying to finish my front yard... it was pretty stark when I bought the place with no pots so I've set a few around over time. The whole small front yard is behind a 16 foot tall bamboo hedge. I've placed some Japanese maple trees in the white topped pots next to the front door to get an idea of something tall in those pots. I also have placed a couple flaming pencil bushes in the white-topped pots on either side of the entrance to my side yard as well to vibe with the maple tree color. I just have a pine tree sitting in a big round gray pot in the center of the yard to see whether anything should be there at all or even if the pot should stay. Maybe I should let the pink of the maples and the flaming pencils be the focus... or just scape it all and start again. The nursery will exchange the trees/plants for something else so that is a possibility!

I know that I've got to get rid of a lot of the junk thats out there but not sure what exactly should stay! The 3 rivers slate walkways I love but not sure about the big square pavers that they also used out there. The maples will sprout lime green leaves in a few months so I don't mind the leafless state there in now. Do the white square pots on the stairs add anything? Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

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