Aluminum Harbor Freight greenhouse Q.

4 years ago

We just bought two of those aluminum Harbor Freight greenhouses that are 6'X8' and plan to join them together at the ends to make one 16' greenhouse w/door at each end. What would be the best way to do this? Climate is mild here in Silver Springs FL but would like it as snug and airtight a join as possible. Also the best way to add hinges instead of using the door as a slider due to all the problems that causes. Thanks in advance.

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  • oakhill (zone 9A, Calif.)
    4 years ago

    try searching in garden web for "hfg". Dozens of threads all related to your new greenhouses.

  • mudhouse
    4 years ago
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    Hi greenthumbs2, I haven't joined two Harbor Freight greenhouses myself, but I know others have. I think that modifications like this are handled different ways by everyone. I suspect handling the joined area falls into the "figure it out as you go" category, once you have the components in front of you; I don't really know of anyone who has posted detailed steps. However, here are some links to threads with photos, that may be helpful to you.

    Gardenweb member Milwdave joined two 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouses together. Here's a link to his photos (so glad he still has these on the web to share.)
    Milwdave Greenhouse Construction 2005

    Gardenweb member Funnylady joined two 10x12 greenhouses together. She's also in Florida. I helped post her photos to this thread, back in 2008. Sometime later, she posted that she now has three 10x12 greenhouses joined together!
    Funnylady's Two 10x12 Harbor Freight Greenhouses Joined Together

    Gardenweb member Rosepedal joined two 10x12 greenhouses together also, and here's a thread from 2009. Rosepedal's thread about joining two Harbor Freight 10x12

    Also, in case it's helpful in a general way, here is a link to my blog about how we built our 10x12 HFGH, back in 2007:
    Mudhouse Building our 10x12 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

    I'll do another post in a bit with some links to threads about changing the doors.

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  • mudhouse
    4 years ago

    About the doors: some people change the
    sliding doors to hinged doors, especially if they live in a snowy climate where
    ice can accumulate in the track. My sliding doors are still working fine
    though, in our warm climate here in southern NM, after over 8 years. The doors
    have been redesigned (and improved) on the 10x12 kits in recent years; probably they have been improved on the 6x8 kits also.

    You might try
    constructing the greenhouse using the sliding doors, see how it works for you,
    and then possibly change it later...? I do advise paying special attention to the
    installation of the doors, though, and be sure to read the directions
    carefully. On the earlier HF kits, it was possible to mis-install the doors by
    missing a few key details that made a huge difference. Some of the
    old "HFGH door problem" threads here refer to doors that were never
    installed quite right in the first place, so just a heads up.

    In this thread, yorkie89 did some wonderfully helpful posts, and great photos, about how they replaced the door in their HFGH.
    Ripping Out the Doors...HFGH

    And here's a link to wonderful blog by web4deb. If you scroll almost to the bottom of the page, you'll see a photo of how they changed out the doors:

    web4deb blog, Adventures of Bigelow Brooks Farm

    And, Dewey302 has a written a great Instructables post about his 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse, and he changed the sliding door to a hinged door:

    Dewey302 Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse

    I hope this helps a bit. If you haven't yet, I also suggest checking your new kits ASAP against the parts list in the back of the manual. Sometimes, kits are shipped missing a part, and it's so much better to find that out early...instead of when you are halfway through your build!

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  • greenthumbs2
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    I want to thank you all for the help and links to threads that pertain to my questions. This is the info I needed. I'll be spending hours reading all this info. Again, thanks.

  • mudhouse
    4 years ago

    Glad to help! :-)