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My Succulents are getting soft, wrinkled, and brown, what do I do?

7 years ago

Hello, I am a beginner in gardening in general but I quite enjoy succulents so I want to learn how to best care for them and one day have a flourishing succulent garden.

I have a few different type of succulents, some I can't ID, all indoor, and I am having a terrible time learning weather I am over-watering them or under-watering them. Conflicting internet advice is really doing me in!

This is one of the succulents I got in a "mix" and I can't ID what it is. For the first few weeks, it was growing quite rapidly, little buds on every side, and roots even extending from every crevasse. However recently it has begun to wrinkle, and show some brown spots and softer leaves. I water all my succulents once a week a few tablespoons of water carefully, so I don't over-water them as they are all in non-draining containers.

When I first got them, I read that they need well aired soil, and I placed them in a custom mixture of two-parts regular gardening soil for plants, and one part dry sand with a few small pebbles and mixed it up all well.

This is what the pot said is an Aloe Vera, although I am not sure as it looks a little different from Aloe Vera photos I see online. Recently its leaves begun to brown, curl, and become stiff. I read online this might be because its sun-burnt? Since then I moved it away to a window with less direct light just in case. All of my succulents are sitting on a windowsill facing West (I think?) and there is mostly direct light from about 10am to 4pm now on winter days.

These are small pups I got as a gift from Surreal Succulents a month and a half ago. They seem to be doing well as there is not much change in their growth beside the Green Gollum Echeveria in the top right that sprouted two stems.

My question lies with the two Sedums, at the far left and the far right, their leaves have grown soft to the touch. Kind of squishy. And I fear I feel the same thing with the Echeveria Black Prince in the bottom left, soft leaves. Is that a sign of over-watering, or under-watering? They have the same treatment I mentioned as the rest of my succulents.

Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to help.

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