Pencil Cactus - Dry and Dying - Please Help!

Sara E
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I inherited a pencil cactus in the last year. At first it was flourishing and doing really well. But over the past couple months we've noticed that one side looks like it's completely drying out and dying. We've read that in the winter it needs little to no water so we've limited its intake of water. Also, we know that the plant requires lots of sunlight. We think the healthier looking side is doing well because it was getting more sun, so we in the past month we rotated the plant so that the unhealthy, drying out side side would get more sun. Unfortunately, the apartment is north facing so we don't get too much direct sunlight. This is the first pencil cactus we've had. We want to revive it - is it too late for the side that is drying out? Please help!

Note: We live in a NYC - cold weather climate.

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