TOO DARK - can't return chairs...help...rug color? art?

March 2, 2016

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  • glschisler
    Just looking at the photos here on HOUZZ, use a light beige rug and /or lighten your walls. Good luck.
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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Large bright and light art on the left wall or a lighter wwall color as for rug not sure if you have enough space for a proper sized rug I would hang some drapes and embrace the dark side dining rooms really don’t need to be light .

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  • Melissa Guinness

    paint a lighter color below your chair rail. Maybe some sheer white curtains to soften the window.

    I like how the center of the ceiling is painted this parchment color!

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  • Darzy

    If you like "drama" it's not too dark. Adding art, and texture (drapery) will do wonders. I think you can pass on an area rug in your case. Opening the blinds and bringing in natural light will also brighten the room nicely.

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  • ninigret

    do you seat 8 every night at dinner? i'd move 2 of the chairs as side chairs in another location, it would open up the space.

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  • susanalanandwrigley

    Lighter wall color on either bottom or top, the color is nice but a bit much. I'd probably go lighter on top, but I see someone posted views of lighter on bottom and that works too. Also I agree looks too crowded with that many chairs so unless you use them daily, move 2 elsewhere, maybe even to ends of table.

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  • PRO
    RugKnots | Area Rugs

    An area rug definitely helps but will only work if your room is big enough...do you have dimensions and a straight on photo of the room?

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  • rollinggirl

    A light rug and curtains would make it brighter. And or some artwork would add visual interest. Aside from that you could paint a lighter color but that would take some work to paint over.

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  • dianagiovanna

    thank you everyone for your advice/comments. i don't have a measuring tape unfortunately to give you dimensions. I'll try to take another view photo to give a better idea of what the room looks like.

  • dianagiovanna

    I was even thinking of a modernish colorful turkish looking rug? With grays, reds, navy and mage a pop of hot pink??

  • PRO
    The Persian Carpet

    Beige rugs will look dreary and dull in a dark space. A warm red will brighten things up a lot better.

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  • PRO
    Barbara Griffith Designs

    Look for a rug and draperies that are contemporary with a large bold pattern on the rug and using some of the colors in a geometric pattern on draperies. I would then choose one of those colors to paint the ceiling. You have all the dark colors you need at this point. And yes large scale colorful artwork and maybe a grouping of large pieces on another wall.

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  • Carolina
    I would place a large floor mirror against the wall and hang white soft flowy curtains. Love your table and chairs.
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  • Carolina
    My Houzz: Tim@Design-Maze · More Info
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  • Carolina
    Difficult to suggest a rug without knowing what the rest of the room looks like, what it connects to.
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  • PRO
    Shoa Gallery

    Your set is beautiful, but it blends in with the floor. A light color rug will create some contrast (it will also hide your floor somewhat, so that's the downside).

    Check out my artwork for ideas on your wall. I have many colors and sizes to choose from: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShoaGallery

    Some samples below.

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  • PRO

    LOVE the space! I totally agree with Rug Knots, going lighter on the rug will give you the look you are wanting, I would do lighter curtains, maybe with a blue border! It would be a very sophisticated look!

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  • PRO
    Home Interiors with Ease

    I love it too! Very dramatic I would add light modern linen drapes and love the above suggested birch tree wall art.

    martha and ash drapes from Etsy.com

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  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Table and chairs are great, as is your chandelier.

    Paint the wall light and the cove ceiling dark. No rug necessary, unless you really want one. As in this inspiration picture, a combo of wall and ceiling colors.

    Jane Lockhart Interior Design · More Info

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  • tothenines

    Your chairs are beautiful! It'd take them! I like the picture above with brick wall, how cool would brick look in there with light walls. What a great feeling /space. Where are the chairs from? I agree, with the rug ideas. Don't know what you're going for but it reminds me of this, check out the blue rug in the second pic!

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  • jbtanyderi
    Lighten the walls (ignore the chair rail) to very pale warm grey. Putting full width drapes on the window wall would allow colour (and pattern, if wished) to be introduced. The drapes would also soften the acoustics of the room. Colour from the drapes could be picked up on the chair seats. The beautiful table should be the star.
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  • PRO
    Life's Journey Murals

    I actually love the color of the wall, and I think a silver/light colored simple mural would look gorgeous...a single color and simple design. If there was a light rug, as others have suggested, it would really lighten the room and add some pizzazz. I am a little partial to murals.

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  • tothenines

    Totally agree with the mural idea. I Have been considering a mural myself, you can even use your own images. Here's a cool mural.

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  • tothenines

    Are your chairs from Create and Barrel? Love them!

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  • weathy

    Keep wall color for a while. See if you like it with added your drapes and a lighter rug (or no rug) and art like the birch trees or some cool B&W photos: gray frames or silver, white mats, maybe three big ones lined up in a row or places you love or people you love. I agree about chairs, either remove 2 and put at both ends of table or remove 2 and keep nearby for extra seating (so chairs don't seem jammed in. Table and chairs are great, as is the light fixture! I like the paint too.

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  • dianagiovanna

    Thank you! Yes, the chairs are from Crate and Barrel.

  • Tiffany
    This one's easy. Your original setting is nice. Just decorate the walls with white or light but bright coloured decorations. Such as art works, shelves and stuff. Same for the curtains. You need something white on the table as well. I agree that others say a light coloured white rug might be a good idea but it also depends on the space u have.
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  • doctornancy

    Your chandelier and dining set look contemporary, yet the navy blue wall color and chair rail look traditional. So I've gone in a totally different direction, giving the entire room a contemporary style. Perhaps it'll get your creative juices going. Good luck!

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  • gustaruygers
    If this was my room I would have a dramatic very large painting on the grey wall and a piece of driftwood or other rustic piece on the table. Your table and chairs are great and are asking for a surprising addition to give it the drama it's asking for.
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  • PRO

    Art and a light rug will help the room.

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  • tothenines

    You could also do a gallery wall with different mixed art, depending on your style. I'm with gustrayugers, drift wood on the table. I personally would let the table shine, I like the clean feel of no rug, but still in love with the murals. I also think drapes would be helpful, something organic, I get the sense of a natural organic feel with this look. Whatever you do will look great! Here's some inspiration with a dramatic feel

    ignore that loud chair. ↑

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  • tooky58

    Are the chairs leather? If not, re-upholster in a lighter fabric.

  • tooky58

    Are the chairs leather? If not, re-upholster in a lighter fabric.

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  • Irene Morresey
    Love the striped rug, add colour in centre piece and lamps, art etc
  • myexecutiveranch

    Whatzamatta with black and red???? (A play on the "team colors" comment above. ;-)

    It really sticks out to me that you have too many chairs at the table, which puts the room on (and maybe over) the line between dramatic and oppressive. So, either remove 2 chairs or put them on the ends of the table, whichever looks better.

    I don't think you have to have a rug. Put some light or bright things on the table, and a large piece of art on the wall, which can add color. For some reason pink and fuschia seem like they'd be great in this room.

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  • PRO
    RugKnots | Area Rugs

    I love the idea of a bright oriental rug but oriental rugs are very heavy on the eye. There is a lot going on so I would reccommend a lighter rug on the floor (if you have space) and then a large colorful piece of art on the wall to draw your eye upward.

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  • PRO
    RugKnots | Area Rugs

    A lighter Turkish style rug with a colorful painting and fresh flowers.

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  • Sean B
    I like it as is. But if your looking to brighten up the room I'd go with a lighter wall color. Love the chairs. Looks like the same ones we got from Crate and Barrel outlet at a real good price but ours are cream colored.
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  • matthewscrm
    I like the idea of moving 2 chairs to a different area or maybe to the ends of the table. And how about throwing inexpensive IKEA sheepskins over a couple of chairs? And a large, lipstick red print on the wall I think would be striking.
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  • PRO
    Nicola Interiors

    Here is a design from our portfolio. Take note of the rug.

    Urban Elegance On The Lakefront · More Info

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