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First time hiring a plumber advice

Melody VonFeldt
3 years ago

My husband & I are first-time homeowners. We found out we have a leak in our front yard where the PVC pipe connects our house to the spud/water meter box. The city is not responsible since it's on our side of the meter. We are supposed to get a plumber to fix this.

When our house inspection was done, our water meter was underwater. They told us it was just drainage from the rain, and they couldn't read it. But, they said it was no big deal and would eventually drain out. When I pushed back by asking, "what if it doesn't drain? What do we do then?" They said it probably still wouldn't be an issue, and if it kept being underwater the city would take care of it.

The PVC pipe's crack is apparently small, but visible once the water is drained. It seems like the majority of the water is runoff/drainage from rain, but it's still constantly underwater, which makes it hard to know for sure.

1. What should I know since I have never hired a plumber. (I fix clogged sinks and running toilets myself.)

2. How expensive can something like this get? I want to budget and be prepared.

3. Should we contact the house inspection company?

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