Thoughts on Lowes/Costco cabs? Where are good quality cabs in No. VA?

4 years ago

I was recently chatting w a DIY'er about how to save money on our kitchen renovation. He said that you can get very good quality cabinets at Lowes or Costco for a great price. Our home is in an expensive area and would sell well - though we plan on living here for probably another 15+ years. We want to put good quality cabinets that will last long, and we'll enjoy. We've been getting quotes just for the cabinets of $26-40k thus far. Our kitchen is about 26'x13', but we'll only have cabs along one 13' wall, a 7' wall, plus a large island. The prices just seem insane around here. Any thoughts on L/C cabs? Any ideas where else to look for high quality, great looking and lasting cabinets that won't break our bank?? Thank you!

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