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Where about did you find the metal containers. and what is the cost?

May 22, 2016
W 7th Residence · More Info
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  • A J

    Not my photo but those look like galvanized water troughs for horses/cows/livestock. Can be very expensive if very think gauge i.e. $300+ each. Sold anywhere livestock/horse supplies are sold. Unknown size in picture or gauge metal but $160 USD will get you something like that:


  • Kaitlin Barnett

    Seems doubtful things would grow that well in a such a constricted space due to limited sun. Looks so staged.

  • PRO
    Aloe Designs

    defintely not staged! these are super great vegetable growing troughs as they are quite deep, and wide and come in an array of sizes. Edibles do great in its neutral growing condition. They are lightweight to move before filled and super affordable. Bought at feed supply lots.

  • cececede

    Thank you so much for all your comments. I appreciated them very much. I'll have a look at feed supply stores.

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