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Shutter - cream or black?

May 23, 2016

help. Please note the front doors will be stained probably in dark walnut.


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  • rollinggirl

    Is there another choice? I voted cream by default because I don't like black shutters. They would look good as well, but so would some muted color. Terracotta?

  • hmpatx

    hi, terracotta looks like a great option BUT I would not want to introduce yet another color to the scheme. wanted to stay monochromatic. so why don't you like black?

  • rollinggirl

    It's over used and depressing. The fall back color that everyone chooses. I do like the cream however. I think that would look sharp and welcoming.

  • hmpatx

    Thanks Rollinggirl! I agree on black being over used and a bit depressing. I do see why people choose it which is also the reason why its one of my option in the first place - because its a neutral and you cant go wrong as far as color palette is concern. I do like to make the house inviting as oppose to dark and gloomy.

  • Bev

    I voted for black because the cream blends in too much with the brick! Your shutters will get lost in a cream color.

    hmpatx thanked Bev
  • rollinggirl

    You're welcome. Just being honest.

  • carrolltf
    I vote NO shutters...they are too small for the windows. The house would be gorgeous without them.
  • rollinggirl

    @carrolltf has a valid point, they really aren't needed. It's a great looking house on it's own.

  • lefty47

    HI -- No shutters .... continue the stone trim instead !

  • ecpt


  • Theresa Holt
    Sorry about that... cat help. No shutters. stone as suggested before.
  • hmpatx

    thanks Everyone! how do I continue the stone trim? meaning all around the windows? I think its too late at this point. so my option is shutters or no shutters.

  • smileyface2013

    I voted black because the window trim is black.

  • dacotam
    I vote no shutters. IMO they should only be used on homes when they are functioning shutters.
  • Eileen Spall
    No shutters.
  • rollinggirl

    I would still leave it without shutters. It doesn't need anything more. The sills and trim above the window frame it nicely. Why don't you wait until you have something on the interior to decide. They will look completely different when the house is occupied.

  • PRO
    Kellie Sabey Homes

    Another vote for cream shutters as I think it softens the impact of the house and makes it look welcoming and fresh. I think the black makes it look a bit harsh but I also think that it would look nice without shutters at all. I hope that helps.

  • Maureen

    I wouldn't use shutters on this style of house - could make it too busy and also due to the shape and positioning of the windows. Once you have landscaping, it will warm up the front.

  • PRO
    Intex Design and Construction

    Looks great, we agree with those above, the stone trim looks good.

  • Jane Slaton

    I vote no shutters - they are too small and busy on the house. Once the landscaping is in the home will look great.

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