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Awkward living space!

June 3, 2016
last modified: June 3, 2016

The entry way to my house comes straight into the living area. To the left are two sets of stairs - one going up, one going down. To the right is a blank wall. And the side with the entry door also has a window. So the only open wall is the wall on the right. The fourth wall that faces the entry door contains a fire place and entry to the kitchen. There's no way I can place a TV there or have furniture face in that direction. I want to put a TV in my living space but I don't want the backs of my furniture to be exposed to those entering the house. What can I do?

Comments (7)

  • Angel 18432

    Pics would be helpful, but for me - having the backs of chairs that can be seen from the front door would be fine with me. I don't like strangers being able to see right into my house from the front door. Again, pics would be helpful.

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  • Angel 18432

    That is an unusual set up. Could you put a tv on the right side wall (as we see the picture). If you put a sofa in the middle of the room (with back facing entrance) you could put a nice sofa table behind it for interest.

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  • freedomplace1

    It actually looks like a beautiful space.

    I definitely understand your not wanting furniture/seating placed with back to entry. The layout is not absolutely clear to me, without additional pics. But, from my understanding of the situation: If I wanted to have a TV in the space - I would bring in some sort of screen, such as a Shoji - or install some sliders - adjacent to staircase, and put the TV in front of that.

    Along these lines...

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  • PRO
    Liz Duer Studio

    If you show the backs of furniture you could always put a standing table behind the furniture. With some decoration on it so you don't look at the back but look at the table.

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  • Jillian - Interior design student

    A narrow sofa table with decor as Liz suggests.

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  • Jennifer Hogan

    Without knowing the dimensions of the space it is a little tough, but I would try something like this with a chaise lounge couch.

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  • PRO
    Anna Hackathorn Interior Design

    These tend to be a bit on the expensive side, but you could always investigate a "pop up" tv cabinet. They are typically meant for the end of a bed, but you could put one near the stair railing, with your sofa against the large wall on the right. Good luck!

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