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What to do about the table...?

June 9, 2016
I have this nearly new but yet well loved dining room table that has always frustrated me... My 4 sons have put so much wear and tear on it that I don't think I could sell it for anything substantial (I'd really appreciate the extra finances to build a breakfast nook!). My question is... Should I try to paint it to increase the potential price? If I paint it, what should I do about the granite lazy Susan in the center? Can granite be painted? The granite developed "water rings" and heat marks right after we got it, probably because it wasn't sealed properly from the manufacture. I've never been able to get the marks out and it's always bugged me. What colours should I paint it? I was thinking of reupholstering the seat covers too, any suggestions there?

Comments (3)

  • jkschulz
    I should add... Since I'd like to paint it to sell immediately, I'm mainly interested in what's trendy, current, and popular, my opinion is almost irrelevant. And the myriad of reasons why I don't like the table can't be changed (it's too large for the space, it's "grooves" collect gunk for my kids to pick at and messes up their craft projects etc)
  • emmarene9

    I'd sell it as is. It is pretty.

  • PRO
    Anna Hackathorn Interior Design

    I agree, I'd sell it as it is. I don't think painting it well enough to sell will increase the value anywhere close to the amount of time and materials you'd have to put into it. Good luck!

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