Help with my bedroom design

Hilary Truchan
4 years ago

Hi all, I am working on my bedroom design. It is small and I am renting so no painting. The walls are a creamy white. There is room for a queen bed, two nightstands, and a tall dresser (would like this to be large (6 drawer plus) because my closet is small).

I am not really sure of my style. Is schizophrenic a style? I tend to just find things I like and try and make them work together. Below are pictures of all the pieces I have. Hoping they can work together. Looking for advice on the overall style and making it work together, potential lamps, curtains, bedding, accent pillows, etc. I have an idea for a quilt below. Thanks for any advice!

Brasilia headboard:

Nightstands (the odd couple). Hoping I can make the scale of these work together. Also, right now they have different finishes on the hardware (left is silver plated, right is gold). I'm not sure yet if the final color will be silver or gold.

Potential mirror to hang over the bed (would hang so the pointy side is up):

Potential quilt (I haven't purchased this yet so I am flexible. I just don't want a comforter or duvet cover):

Accent color interest - I like the cobalt and royal blue. I like the softness of the cobalt but am open to something a bit more vibrant. I also like adding in shiny metal pieces.

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