Kids room custom build and design question

Angela E
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

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My daughters room is fairly small (approximately 12 by 11 feet). She's almost 3 years old and still in a crib. We want to move her from a crib to a twin bed. I've really been loving these play house bunkbeds that I've been googling. She would be sleeping in the bottom of course. I found a really simple one that I love (see photo). It's simple and white and something I think we could do ourselves (I think). For those that are experienced with woodwork and building, could I buy a wooden bunk bed like the one in the picture, and just screw some sort of wood facade like the finished one I want it to look like? What kind of wood would you use? MDF? Would it be secure enough if just screwed into the wood posts of the bed frame? And how do you secure those stairs so they don't slide around? They would all be secured to each other and then to the side of the bed? Also, would a bed of this caliber look like it's taking up too much room? Im planning on putting across the wall where the book shelves are and put the stairs on the right closest to the window. I know I would need to get rid of the rest of the furniture. Sorry for all the questions and uncertainties but I just want a second opinion on my crazy build idea.

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