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The outside of my house is so ugly!

Joelle Risler
July 6, 2016

We recently bought this house and completely gutted the inside but cannot afford to do much to the outside. We are thinking we will box in the columns near the front door, paint the front door, rip out all of the landscaping and start fresh and add shutters or window boxes. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  • dj

    Hi. I would increase the size and height of the front door over hang, maybe natural wood, like a pergola? Then put a window box under the right side window for balance.


  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    It isn't ugly, it is just different and no one has tried to do anything with it until you came along.

    I guess we could say this is a modern house, so I would treat it that way.

    Remove the old foundation plantings. Replace with grasses.

    Paint the chimney white.

    Choose a dark color you love and paint all the window trim in that, and the front door.

    When you have some extra money put in a front walk leading to the driveway.


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  • kathleen MK
    I would leave the brick natural, it is classic with the white siding then you could do classic black or a bright color for door and shutters if you add them. the brick would also blend with more earthy colors if you decided to go modern as the low pitch roof suggests.
    Boxing the columns would look good especially if you added a stone or brick base. If you have the funds and skill enlarging the gable or making it into a shed roof that covers both Windows would make a nice porch for rocking or swinging. the new porch roof could be metal and add color you could match with door, shutters and planters.
    Redoing landscape will give you the best improvement, but you might could drastically trim those evergreen instead of ripping them out. That is really hard when they are so large. and choosing them back will only be sparce for the first year. if replacing get low growing dwarf evergreens for under those windows to avoid more trimming. Add taller ones on corners of house. Plan color scheme and blooming times for some perennials like spring bulbs and fall mums. You might get free cutting of these from gardening neighbors and just add a few annuals as those fill out.
    Remember you don't have to do it all at once.
  • PRO
    Calming Spaces Interiors, Design & Remodeling

    Without spending too much money you can pop the trim with some contrasting color. A gray will give that flat space a little depth and when it comes to such a broad space that will go a long way! Donelle Johnson's idea to weigh down the right side a little with a window box is absolutely divine. Great Idea.

  • "Stormy" Gray

    TREES, TREES, TREES! Try planting fast growing trees, nestled around the front for a privacy screen. Wax Myrtles can grow very fast, and make a great privacy screen, because they don't lose their leaves in the winter. Check out the compatibility with your zone. Anyway, trees are the best thing I can think of and who doesn't want trees anyway? I would also plant trees in the middle of the yard to break up the large space and add interest. CHECK INTO A TREE CALLED ROYAL EMPRESS! People say these are phenomenal with how fast they grow but only thing is they need space away from a structure. But, it looks like your yard might have adequate room. So, further out, closer to the street, you could plant a row of these. Up close to the house I think Wax Myrtles are safe with roots. I know people plant Crape Myrtles extremely close to structures. Only thing is Crape Myrtles lose their leaves in the fall and there goes your privacy!

    Hope this helps!

  • Joelle Risler

    Wow thank you all so much! I love the idea of painting the window trim and adding a window box! As of right now we are only looking to send maybe $1000. We have plans to spend much more in the future but the huge makeover inside ate all of our budget (and then some!). Really just looking to make the outside a bit more inviting and presentable

  • Sigrid

    I'd put a tree to the right of the chimney and a largish shrub at the left edge of the house, for starters. I agree that contrasting trim will make the house look deliberate. I'd consider a path from the door to the side walk. Flanked by low-growing perennials.

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