Need landscape idea for new patio next to septic tank

Cristina Ousley
July 18, 2016
last modified: July 18, 2016

We just had a patio installed and love it, however I'm stumped as to how to landscape the west end which is curved and next to our septic tank. I know I want to incorporate a something that ties into the curved design of the patio but I'm also very limited in the types of plants I can use as they must be non-invasive so as not to infiltrate the septic pipe. Would like some color in the design as well as big rocks and maybe grasses. We also wanted to have something that would provide privacy from our neighbor but again, can't plant trees, shrubs or anything "rooty." Thought about maybe building a big planter box and planting some variety of columnar evergreens? You can see in the before pics where we tried to figure out how to tie in the septic tank into the patio design.. not working well though... I only have the following pictures which show the area due to it rained before I could take more. Hope you can get an idea from these... Ideas welcome...please!! We are in Zone 5

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