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What to do with wet Asbestos floor tile and black adhesive

7 years ago

Hi. I've had to pull up laminate flooring and the underlay in my basement because of a recent flood. I've discovered 9 x 9 asbestos tile under it. As the dehumidifier is drying the room out, some of the tiles are popping up and can very easily be lifted off the floor. There is a matte black residue on the concrete slab

which I'm assuming is the adhesive. Can't say if it contains asbestos. My dilemma is this. There must be water/ moisture under the tiles that are still stuck to the floor. I'd rather not risk breaking these tiles to get them up. Are asbestos tiles porous enough that running a dehumidifier in there for a week or so, the moisture underneath the tiles will be gone?
Second question is does anyone know how to get rid of that horrible funky musty smell from the slab floor after a flood? I'm installing
DMX 1 step and 12 ml laminate over top and anticipate that should seal the smell but I'd hate for it to work it's way up. Thanks!

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