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Benefits of Fabric Softener

7 years ago

Yes there are benefits, providing its used in moderation.

FS can help clothes dry faster in a machine.

Helps to relax fabric so there's less wrinkling.

Helps static cling

Keeps the edges of cottons and linens from curling so they go thru an ironer much easier.

And can give things a softer feel which is very beneficial to those that have dry or irritated skin, providing they don't have allergies to it.

I don't always use FS and I never use it on bedding. I also don't use it to scent my clothes. Most of the time if I use it I either use Downy Free or Downy Free mixed with a fragrant one to cut the scent. But I have been thinking about trying a very reduced amount on my sheets since they get ironed, I know FS assists with easier ironing. I have used it on sheets a few times...usually when I'm in a *gotta try this FS cause Larsi recommends it mode* LOL.

Fabric Softener is not all bad, it does have just have to watch dosing and know what you want.

I know many arguments are **but the chemicals* Tell me tthere's no chemicals in your shampoo, bath soap, body lotion, sunscreen, deodorant ect...LOL.

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