How can I sell my stash of stained glass ?

4 years ago

I've thought long and hard for months about doing it . On one hand I hate to part with it , but on the other hand,I asked myself... in all reality, will I ever use it all? I probably have about 150+ uncut pieces. (12 x 12" squares) I doubt I'll live long enough to use it all. (LOL) Now that I'm not doing craft fairs ,it's just sitting here. Selling it back to the glass stores is a total waste - you only get about $1.50 a pound. I'd probably get less at a rummage sale,too. What kind of sale would be best ? Advertising how,where? How to display all that glass ? At sales I've gone to, they were standing in a box and I'd have to flip through each piece. That's dangerous & people are too sue happy now a days. I'm at a loss ! I'm hoping to do this in fall,when it's cool out ! I'd appreciate any ideas you have ! Thank you ----> toomuchglass <--- I'll have to change my name ~~~ hahaha

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