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7 years ago

I originally posted this in the Annuals Forum, but got zero response. Let's try it again... Here is the original post:

First, a nod to the Zenman who has succeeded in sparking my
interest in hybridizing annuals
[specifically zinnias]. Had done an asiatic lily in the distant
past, and crossed squashes (not always on purpose), and made a few
daylily crosses this summer (of which I'll have to wait 3 years or more
to see the results), but hadn't given much thought to annuals until ZM
introduced me to zinnia hybridizing a couple years back. And it is great fun, as he says.

But is there no one out there hybridizing petunias, pansies, cosmos
or poppies? I am interested in trying my hand at any and all of these
this next season, but would appreciate any pointers from someone with

My question still stands, but I've gone on to do some experimenting on my own. In this thread I'll post the pansies exclusively, and will handle the petunias (and anything else) in separate threads.

I started with a few different seed pods taken from a landscaping display in front of a public library (doing my civic duty by keeping their flowers deadheaded, of course!) - one solid yellow and the other solid purple. The F1s of those showed no solid colors, as you might expect, but pretty none the less. Here's a sampling of what came from those seeds:

At first I was more methodical and was keeping track of which seedlings came from which mother plants, but this was a busy year, so I ended up just mixing everything together. Here's a sampling of what came from those plants pictures above:

Well, apparently that's all I get to post right now, as the photo icon isn't showing below anymore. Will post more later.

- Alex

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