Plumbing for redesigned shower

5 years ago

I have a master bathroom where I am looking at changing the alcove shower. where it is currently located, it has 2 outside walls (1 directly outside, 1 next to the fireplace chimney from the main floor. Therefore that wall isn't directly outside, but I believe would still be classified as a cold zone - maybe?), and the 3rd wall is next to the tub (and surround - in the picture it is mirrored). Therefore looking at taking down the upper portion of that wall (the whole mirror part), and replacing that, and the shower door & wall (with hook) with seamless glass. The problem I have, is that that wall was where the plumbing is. As I'm in Canada, I don't want to put plumbing on an outside wall.

My current thoughts; lower the plumbing fixtures on the tub side wall by about 6 inches, as the tiling goes up to 43 inches. The current faucet sits at 46 (Centered), then running a plex pipe up the outside of the chimney wall (so not directly outside, but still cold enough), to the ceiling, then having a ceiling mount shower head. This would require me also offsetting the current light to be not centered.

Any other thoughts on workarounds?

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