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Extra large grey recliners?

August 24, 2016

We have these two oversized grey recliners on a very large family room with lots of windows. We are redecorating and would like to incorporate with a new sofa. Any suggested styles or colors to complement them? The color is off in the photos, they are a charcoal grey.

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  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    I would replace the recliners with sleeker ones.

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  • sadee943

    That would be my first choice as well. Unfortunately that isn't an option which is why I'm here. They are in a family/ entertainment area, we do want it to have a comfy/cozy vibe. The family has deemed these their "cuddle couches" so they have sentimental value. They are also in excellent condition so there is not much to argue there lol.

  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Sadee, I feel for you. Perhaps if you took them to stores, and they might get excited about new ones.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I agree these are horrible and there are so many choices that can be comfortable and still look awesome.

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  • apple_pie_order

    Match some gray paint chips to the charcoal grays in the recliners, then take those chips with you to the sofa store. Or check the place where you bought the recliners to see if matching poofy sofas are still available, or any sofas in a similar poofy style in a fabric, not leather or vinyl.

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  • PRO
    Lisa E
    I would do def ivory fabric. Great ones on rhmodern.com. I agree with who ever said def no leather nor vinyl. Add some dif textures to the room.
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  • cpaul1

    Wow, those chairs are not good and it will be difficult to decorate around them. I would try to sell them, get some money for them to be used toward new chairs. Otherwise all you're going to do is buy more furniture (a sofa) that you don't like and isn't good to try and incorporate these ugly chairs and you're just making your situation worse. If that's what you're going to do, though, then I would buy a solid tan colored couch that you can use for years to come as you (hopefully) slowly are able to update your other furniture.

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  • PRO

    Do the chairs have a matching sofa? They are so oversized, you'll have to find more oversized furnishings for the room.

  • Danielle Black
    Can you put these 2 chairs together in an area all their own with a table and lamp and book case? Then just decorate other area how you like? Maybe with boxier overfilled overstuffed furniture?
  • PRO
    Trish Albano Interiors
    Tivoli Sofa, 89" · More Info

    Ok, you need to keep the recliners. I would look for a large scale sofa similar to this style. One that is oversized, yet has clean lines. I would select an upholstery fabric in a very light gray or beige. I would add some pillows that pull the recliner color over and add additional pillows with pattern and color. Select drapery and large ceramic table lamps in off white to keep things light and airy. When it comes time to replace carpet, I would select a light warm neutral.

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  • sadee943

    It is a very large room with a free standing fire place in one corner. The paint, window coverings and floors will all be redone. Pretty much the only thing staying is the two chairs and the fireplace. I was considering puting the 2 chairs by the fire place and away from the main living space (couch, tv,etc) but they are so big and there are windows all the way around the room with a great view of a lake in the back. I'm hoping I can make it work with the main living area and avoid obstructing the view .

  • lynartist
    Safer, since you are going through so much trouble to redo this space I would suggest you redesign it in a style of your choosing Despite the chairs. In other words , choose furnishings you love in colors that you think you will enjoy for many years to come. If you feel you need to keep those two chairs for now , fine! Keep them. But don't design your room around them. I have a feeling they won't be staying long.
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  • lynartist
    I'm sorry Sadee! Spell check stiles again;)
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  • Kathy
    Lyn, Sadee, I was thinking same thing. Decorate as if these chairs were your favorite style...then when you have to replace them you will be fine. As long as the style blends, perhaps a transitional with clean lines such as previous poster suggested.
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  • Crystal Renee

    I think since they could go with anything you choose. Find something you love to put in the room and decorate with that as your inspiration. A soft rug maybe, and pillows to match. Check out these fun and colorful throw pillows for some ideas.

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