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Installing blinds in basement window wells

August 28, 2016

I have 2" wood blinds to fit inside my 12" ? deep basement window wells. Just realized I think I will be drilling into concrete?? whether I do top or side mount??

I assume there is only a 1/2" wood board/trim or drywall around interior edges , and after that it is concrete? Not sure, does anyone know? House built in 1970, 8' ceilings with windows at top. Was about to install with drywall screws and plastic 'plugs' and realized it's likely concrete I'll be drilling into; help!

Comments (7)
  • calidesign

    I question why you would need any time of window covering on 12" window wells in a dark basement.

  • gailholleron

    Yes, I considered this a fair bit, but the 2 windows face the sun and it gets fairly bright actually; there is good ceiling lighting but it is often not needed. Additionally, when there are frequent sleepovers in the bsmt. I would like some form of privacy for the kids since windows can be seen from the street, and to keep the light out when watching movies. They will also make it look more finished than window 'films' w/out blocking too much light (hopefully). RIght now we look at dirt splashed windows and metal window well walls.

    p.s. I was wrong, windows are more like 9", still deep though.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • julesxoxo
    Are they anything like my windows? These have top mounted blinds and they went in with regular screws, not an issue for me.
  • gailholleron

    Well, similar actually, yes, but I'm guessing from the photo that those windows are above ground? If so , you had no issue with concrete; hard for me tell?

    I can get concrete screws and use drill i guess but I am an amateur so not sure I want to attempt!

    If nec., I'll just mount on outside but this messes with the look and the frame or ceiling : (

    thanks so much.

  • gailholleron

    p.s. thanks for taking time to post a pic, a lovely room : )

  • julesxoxo
    Yes, you're right, mine are at ground level so I'm not much help.

    Couldn't you just use curtains with a tension rod? You would probably be limited to type of curtain but even simple sheers can be decent enough to distort the view. And it's much simpler to install. You would probably have to alter to fit or try and find curtains that fit kitchen Windows. Personally I like the looks of the blinds better but if you're afraid of installing them, that's another option.
    Good luck, and thanks for the compliment. My room is still a work in progress!
  • gailholleron

    Well, yes, I like the look of blinds too, a bit more current. That said, I hadn't thought of tension rod so that might have to be the way to go actually, and sheers wouldn't cut the light too much.

    Thanks for this!

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