How to clear leaves from roof without getting ON the roof

September 2, 2016

I live in a single-wide mobile home in the midst of a lot of trees. It is the usual low pitch of a mobile home roof. My husband always used to just climb up on the roof with a ladder and blow the debris off into the yard and then we'd deal with it from there. However, is now up to me to take care of the situation. I do all my own yard work--which is a LOT! Grass and such in summer, leaves in fall/winter--all my own lawn mower maintenance, etc. So, I am in good shape and reasonably athletic, but I do not like heights. I have attempted a time or two to get myself onto the roof from the ladder, but I just do not feel safe. I know if the roof was more steeply pitched, there are leaf rakes that would work while standing on the ground, but with the low pitch, I have not found anything that looks even remotely like it would actually work with me on the ground. I can't find any type of extension pole that has the angle in the actual pole where it is needed....just the ability to angle the head of the rake device. Does anyone have any suggestions other than just hiring someone to get up there and blow the stuff off 4 or 5 times a year? I sometimes overlook the obvious so just thought I'd ask in case there is an easy solution that I have overlooked!

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  • handymac

    Do you have to get on the roof? Could the leaves be blown off from the ladder? Or is your home a double wide?

  • albecky63

    Hello! Thanks for replying to me. My home is a single wide with a small porch on either side. I did manage to get some of the leaves off with the blower while on the ladder, but I was still higher up in the air without anything to either side than I liked! I know it is stupid for a person to risk hurting themselves for something like this, so I'm thinking I just won't try that again. I really wouldn't mind hiring someone to just jump up there and blow them off in a few minutes, other than the fact that nobody around here seems to want small jobs and getting them to come when it would be convenient for me to then deal with the debris and just on and on. I would be SO much happier if I could just do it myself whenever I liked. I am a real neatnik, so I am sure I want it done more often than it actually NEEDS to be done. I'm thinking it is just something I'm gonna have to come to terms with in the long run.

  • Vith

    Wet/Dry Vac with blower option, hook up a gutter cleaning extension to the blower. Various extensions available.

    albecky63 thanked Vith
  • albecky63

    Thanks! I am going to look into this option...might be exactly what I need!

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I don't have any suggestions, but I do have a question:

    Why don't you want leaves on your house? Won't the wind eventually blow them off?

    albecky63 thanked littlebug zone 5 Missouri
  • albecky63

    Well, for one thing I'm a real neat freak! But, no, they don't always seem to blow off and my insurance company considers them a fire hazard. The roof has a very low pitch to it, plus it has a regular old shingle roof that is rough, for lack of a better term, and there are also a lot of pine trees mixed around with hardwoods, so I think maybe the pine straw somehow makes the leaves less likely to blow off. I just know that every 3 or 4 months when my husband got up to blow leaves and debris off there has been a fair amount to clean up. Maybe some of it is just in my head :p

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