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What type of dining table with this chandelier?

September 16, 2016
last modified: September 16, 2016

I have fallen in love with this chandelier.

We are in the midst of a pretty big first floor and kitchen renovation. Our dining room is the first thing you see when you enter our house. We have removed our breakfast nook and are adding a very big eat at island. Our formal dining room will be where we eat at the table. Basically, we got rid of our formal dining and have expanded our kitchen to make it much more conducive to our lifestyle.

We are having a built-in added, very similar to this. (actually identical, just lighter color paint.)

I will need to purchase a new dining room table. We'd like to seat 6-8. If I go forward with the chandelier, am I stuck with a certain "type" of table? Something formal? This is our only table. We will be eating BBQ with friends as well at Christmas dinner at this table. I do have young kids, so I was hoping to find a table with a top that is slightly distressed.

Basically, am I doing this wrong? Should I find a table first, THEN a chandelier?

Here is where we are in the reno. The dining room where the chandy will hang is on the left. Kitchen to the right.

Thank you very much for any feedback!!! I appreciate it!

And here is a BEFORE pic. Big difference! Our front door directly faces the dining room.

Comments (14)

  • chickadee2_gw

    I think you need to look at some of these articles before you buy either a table or a fixture to get the sizes right. The chandelier may be too large.


    Lauren0319 thanked chickadee2_gw
  • Lauren0319

    Thank you chickadee! The size is good! Now to find a dining room table???? Suggestions?

  • Olychick

    I don't think the table will matter...that fixture is so gorgeous who would notice the table?!!!!

    Lauren0319 thanked Olychick
  • lukkiirish

    I think something round or even oval would be pretty

    Lauren0319 thanked lukkiirish
  • arcy_gw

    Or both? My MIL had an expandable round table. Went from a circle for four to an oval for 12. I am not so sure the table style matters as much as the chair? Tables are often covered with a table cloth.

    Lauren0319 thanked arcy_gw
  • tibbrix

    I'd go for something angular, not curved.

    Lauren0319 thanked tibbrix
  • Lauren0319

    I can't get the photo to work, but I have been eyeing the below table. Nothing about my house is rustic. However, I like the idea of a rustic top. This table will get a good deal of use. I have young kids. And as crazy as it sounds, I want this to be the last table I buy for a loooooong time. I don't want a smooth top or something prone to scratches. This is our only table. (we will have an eat-at island.)

    thoughts? With very simple chairs?

    Ethan Allen "rustic" table

    They also have a non-rustic version ;)

    ethan allen table

  • tibbrix

    Love either and think either would be beautiful.

    FYI: reclaimed barn wood goes with everything.

    Lauren0319 thanked tibbrix
  • tibbrix

    Lauren, I was in Boston Interiors yesterday with a friend and saw this table and thought of you. It's really beautiful IRL. On sale; much less expensive than the RH table.

    This one also come in two finishes.


    This pic is with the extensions in on each end. It's much beefier looking IRL

    Lauren0319 thanked tibbrix
  • daisychain01

    I'd do the rustic table with special chairs on either end to match the uniqueness of the chandelier and then plain side chairs for the kids. Any of the chairs pictured above in lukki's post would be lovely. We did really tall parson's chairs in turquoise velvet for ours and then just plain wood chairs that match the table for the side chairs. I like the juxtaposition of the velvet with our old oak table.

    Lauren0319 thanked daisychain01
  • nosoccermom

    Ikea MÖRBYLÅNGA, 700.00

    Or something like dakota from crate and barrel

    Or West Elm Emerson (although that's quite rustic)

  • powermuffin

    I don't like either of the Ethan Allen tables; they look cheap to me, particularly at the joint. IMO, all of the other tables posted are nice. I especially like the table Tibbrix posted.

    Lauren0319 thanked powermuffin
  • Lauren0319

    Love the inspiration! Thank you!

  • Sunnysmom

    Great chandelier, can you post more details about it please?

    I like the 2nd EA table btw.

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