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roses...snow is coming!!

September 29, 2016

I wish I could enjoy this part of the year better. But there's just no smell to my roses. But here they are anyway...since none of you can smell them anyway! LOL

This is Carole Bouquet. I wanted to smell this rose, and the only way was to cut the bloom. This (in a pot) is taller than I am by about a foot.

Memorial Day trying to bloom!!

Neil Diamond

Evelyn reminding me of why I love this rose. Barely bloomed this summer, probably because it was too cool and wet.

Strawberry Hill - smells fabulous no matter what the weather...and there's a whole lot of buds coming. Trouble is that snow is coming too (Tuesday). Although snow isn't really a deal breaker, and our temps are still good enough for the roses to bloom.

Holly Bells still blooming. Hasn't stopped at all. This is a rose the bees and I hybridized from John Davis. I'm hoping it will be winter hardy when I eventually plant a cutting of it.

Baron Edmund de Rothchild - this is the only rose in my garden that has blackspot. It's not a problem, since it only gets it at then end of the season. But anyone wanting to get it in a more problematic area...be warned. :)

Pretty Jessica finally has a bloom that opened. It's been 3 years. Does not like it here so far!!


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  • strawchicago

    Carol: Thank you for the many shades of pink. California folks like Baron d. R., so that one definitely likes alkaline. Wow! Carol Bouquet is so tall, and the leaves of Memorial Day are very healthy. Your Strawberryhill looks really good, the rose park's SH is really pale (they use chemical fertilizer, thus less trace elements for deep colors).

    Very impressed with the deep colors and lots of petals on all your roses, and nice foliage.

    We have constant rain for many days, so glad I applied chicken manure NPK 2--4-3 in mid-Sep, lots of branching from the phosphorus. This year I'm late in fertilizing since I didn't find Coop-poop until mid-Sept.

  • rosecanadian

    Thanks, Straw!!! I've really learned here about trace elements and I love going all organic!!

    Okay...so if Baron D.R. likes alkaline, then with multiflora roots and in a pot...how can I maximize its floriferousness? Keep it simple, please...I find a lot of the talk here goes over my head. :)


  • strawchicago

    Carol: skip anything with bone-meal, multiflora-root can't digest solid stuff, plus multiflora-root branch best, and bloom best with higher phosphorus ratio. Use SOLUBLE phosphorus, as in 4 part chicken manure.

    Use 1 part SOLUBLE sulfate of potash, but balance that with 1/2 part SLOW-RELEASED rock-dust or dolomitic lime to neutralize acidic rain.

    In hot summer with alkaline tap water, use 1/2 part gypsum or a layer of acidic alfalfa on top of pots.

    It's OK for the pH to be over 7.5, but the nutrients HAVE TO BE IN SOLUBLE FORM.

    COPPER is essential for blooming, only available if chelated to organic, thus chicken manure is a must. It's high in zinc, copper, boron which are less available at higher pH.

    Keep the soil loamy and fluffy for multiflora-rootstock, so roots can do acid-phosphatase. Since multiflora is a cluster-root, it has a higher demand for SOLUBLE phosphorus.

    My experience with multiflora-parentage roses, such as own-root Lady of shallot .. that came from Roses Unlimited with zero blooms, but really thick leaves. When high-potassium is used to thicken the leaves, that push down phosphorus, which is VERY ESSENTIAL for branching, as in multiflora's cluster root.

    Lady of Shalott refused to bloom in my alkaline clay, since phosphorus is less available at higher pH. I gave it acidic SOLUBLE fertilizer NPK 5-3-2, plus sulfate of potash. Phosphorus at 3 isn't high enough.

    So I STOPPED sulfate of potash, and gave it high-phosphorus chicken manure NPK 2-4-3, plus acidic grass clippings and alfalfa, and I saw branching with buds.

  • rosecanadian

    So, as I read, I hear in my head ...blah, blah, blah..too hard. LOL I am so bad at chemistry stuff. What I DID hear was use chicken manure and gypsum on my Baron de Rothschild since it likes alkaline.

    I think to do it right I would need you standing right next to me and say "Use this." LOL But I have gypsum and I will get chicken manure.

    You are so sweet to consistently help me with this. :)


  • strawchicago


    The above link is to buy coop-poop on amazon. It's zero odor chicken manure NPK 2-4-3, with 8% calcium. I have the bag wide open inside my garage, and it doesn't stink up like alfalfa meal.

    Here are some pics. taken today, Sep. 30, showing the result of SOLUBLE phosphorus in Coop-poop in branching (both roots and side-stems). Below is Dee-lish bought end of June as own-root:

    Below is my 2nd Dee-lish, bought mid-May, note side-branching from the main trunk:

    Below is Tchaikosky, also taken Sep. 30, mulched with pH 8 horse manure, but no chicken manure. Alkaline clay at pH above 7.5, made fluffy with gypsum.

    Below is Sept. 30 bouquet, with Pink Peace, and red W.S. 2000, plus half-opened Tchaikosky, striped Neil Diamond, and yellow Strike it Rich:

    Below is Austin William Shakespeare 2000, always clean foliage, thanks to chicken manure & horse manure. The hose is over-flow from rain-barrel which dumps tons of rain on that rose. Pic. taken 3 days of constant rain. Highly recommend this rose for disease-resistance, plus blooms in less than 4 hours of sun. Pic. taken Sept. 30.

    Below is the same Sept. 30 bouquet, but placed next to lower-branching of Dee-lish (bought mid-May). Dee blooms at the bottom as well as the top:

    Below is Comte de Chambord. I didn't give it chicken manure, thus no branching. Blooms are mushed up by 3-days of rain, taken Sept. 30:

  • rosecanadian

    Oh my Straw!!! Those leaves are gorgeous!!! It's strange to be wowing over leaves - but wow!!!! I bookmarked the link to coop poop so I can buy it next year. Thanks so much!!!

    Your bouquet is wonderful - I really love WS2000!!! The combination of roses is scrumptious!! Well done!!


  • Khalid Waleed (zone 9b Isb)

    Oh wow.....despite the fact some of your roses are not fully opening up, it is a stunning display Carol. Impressive. Here in Islamabad my roses reach this stage in end December or January when it gets around 0*C at night. So that way I have 3 extra months available for enjoying my roses in Islamabad. Then, they again start blooming from mid march onward.

    Please keep posting the pics. Your roses have very vivid colours.

  • totoro z7b Md

    Thanks so much for finding coop poop on Amazon, Straw!

  • rosecanadian

    Thanks, Khalid! I don't know if I'll have more pictures to share...but I'll try! It's rainy here today. I loved your comments!!


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