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Adding furniture to family room

October 9, 2016

Here is my current family room:

My current project is adding a sofa console table/cabinet behind the floating sofa. Right here:

I also need to get rid of the secretary next to the floating sofa, unfortunately it just doesn't work in the space and no one uses it. I plan to put it in another room.

I found a skinny console cabinet to place against the wall, it comes in two lengths. Here is the longer one:

Here is the shorter one:

My questions are:

1. Should I put a console on the wall, or leave it blank? We could use the storage but could make do without. I do think it would look pretty with some artwork above it, but I don't want to make it too cluttered.

2. If I put a console on the wall, do you think the shorter or longer one would be better?

3. Do you like the proportion of the sofa console? I have a second option that is shorter by 5 inches and deeper by a few inches, but I think the current one (in the layout) has better proportion.

Thanks in advance!

Comments (9)

  • tibbrix

    I'd probably put a piece of art on that wall, move the floating sofa so that it is in front of the opening to the DR and facing the other sofa, and put two of the this chairs where you have the sofa now with a table between them

    But, if not, Yes, a console table behind the floating sofa is a great idea, and again, I'd just put a piece of artwork on the all where you now have the secretary desk.

    sixkeys thanked tibbrix
  • sixkeys

    Oh, that's funny. You were part of a discussion from a year ago where I was playing around with furniture arrangement. Unfortunately, the sofas facing each other doesn't work with the opening to the dining room. It was very pinched. Here is one view:

    Since I am not going to get new sofas right now, I am going to stick with my current layout. Thanks for your thoughts on skipping the second console.

  • tibbrix

    I actually remember that discussion and recognized your room.

    Didn't realize you're the one with that gorgeous dining room looking for the buffet lamps, though. I l love the color of your DR walls and the plantation shutters.

    sixkeys thanked tibbrix
  • sixkeys

    What do you think about this console table? The proportions are perfect and I like that it isn't a big wood heavy piece....already have that.

  • PRO

    You've got a lot of big, heavy dark furniture in a room that is not that large. Whatever you do behind the sofa, make it light and simple.

    sixkeys thanked Anglophilia
  • aktillery9

    I like your choice. You can add a lot of texture and some color in filling the shelves. Can you put a lamp or two on top of it?

    I also see you do not have any side tables or lamps? I would think about that as lamps really warm up a room.

    sixkeys thanked aktillery9
  • sixkeys

    Unfortunately I don't have any floor outlets for lamps behind the sofa, so that would take some work. I agree about adding side tables and lamps, including a floor lamp behind the chair. Thanks!

  • mark_rachel

    What about finding a nice large end table for the corner where the couches meet? That would give some storage & be a nice place to place a lamp.

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  • PRO

    You don't want the over head lights on full brightness. Time to add reading lights for other types of activties. I would also add drapery panels.

    sixkeys thanked BeverlyFLADeziner

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