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how long do you expect a couch to last?

Kitchen_ Reno
5 years ago

We are in the process of picking new furniture for our family room. The last couch and loveseat we bought (6-7 years ago) have not held up well to our family's daily abuse in that space. It's not torn, but just very worn out looking - like it's used all the time, which it is! We are a family of 4, plus a puppy who does sometimes go on the furniture.

At first I was looking for Sunbrella or similar fabric for our next furniture, but I'm just not sure how long I should expect to get out of upholstered furniture. The kids are 8 and 11 so getting older for sure, but still "young". I'm torn between spending more on Sunbrella/durable fabric or getting a less expensive set that will (presumably) need to be replaced again in a few years.

How long do you expect to get out of family room furniture?

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