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Where do I start with a whole house remodel?

7 years ago

My husband and I recently fell in love with a model home but we don't love the area it is in. We would rather live in St.Pete or South Tampa. The problem is that those houses are way out of our price range when fully updated.

So, I thought about buying a fixer upper but I don't have a clue where to start.

Our price max is 500. Do you think I could remodel a whole house for 150?

We're thinking of getting a ranch style house. We want an open floor plan so we'd be knocking down walls, redoing the kitchen and bathrooms and floors and hopefully raising the ceilings. How far fetched is this?

Also, we can get approved for 500 to buy a house but can we get approved for money to buy a house and a the remodel amount as well?

i know I'm asking a lot. Sorry I'm so overwhelmed with where to even start.

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