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Granite counter top

November 19, 2016
Hi ,
I decided I'm going to keep my honey oak cabinets an am trying to decide on a granite color.
My choices are bainbrook brown or pearly grey. The pearly grey actually look more like a cream color. I've attached photos. I like the Bainbrook better for the depth of color, but am afraid it may not stand out with the wood.
Any input is appreciated ..

Thanks so much!

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  • jhmarie

    I have oak cabinets too:)

    Oak has a lot of grain, which gives the cabinets "movement" It is all right for the countertop to have movement too, but don't overdo it and the backsplash should be very simple and subtle. If you put three surfaces together that all have movement, even if they are very pretty on their own, it will look too busy.

    Because the cabinets are mid-tone wood, you want to pick a stone that reads "warm" - has some beige and / or cream tones mixed in with the gray. I would pick whichever is lighter and warmer.

    Gray can be used with honey oak in small amounts like as one of the countertop colors, but gray and mid tone woods do not mix well unless a lot of white is added to the mix. One mistake some people with mid tone wood cabinets are making is trying to "update" by adding lots of the currently "on trend" gray and it is a bit of a miss and tends to look drab. The popular grays work well with white cabinets and sometimes with expresso cabinets, but are too cool for the warm mid tone cabinets. Warm tone wood looks good with creams, creamy beige and blues and greens. The blues and greens with gray undertones can work. Think about that when it comes to wall color and possibly flooring. If you are thinking of the SW Window Pane, get a sample jar and paint a good size area. Look at it in different light at different times of the day. Paint color usually comes last because it is the easiest to change. Get the countertop that blends with the cabinets and to some extent the floor.

  • stelmowalker
    I'm going to get a sample from SW . I like window pane and rainwater. I definitely am putting the floor in first, then the countertop.
  • stelmowalker
    Really like the colors and know that there is cream in there. I think this reads warm. Lol. I definitely am not a designer.
  • PRO
    WS Granite Tops

    I think both options are tooooo busy for your cabinets!

    See the picture below...

    I would choose a light color with less dots and speckles:


  • jhmarie

    If you can look at a whole big slab, that would be great. It does look like it would go nicely with the cream backsplash - I think that is what you are planing. I am not a professional and not familiar with that granite so I hesitate to give direction:)

    I do think that one reads warm. It has more brown then my quartz does and my quartz surprisingly reads warm too when combined with my oak cabinets - Mine has a lot of cream in it, so it is a bit lighter in color. I don't have a ton of light in my kitchen so I went with light surfaces and have white appliance. My cabinets might be a bit lighter - always hard to tell on a computer monitor, and your darker cabinets may do very well with the darker countertop and also if you have stainless appliances.

    I think I might have posted these before for you:



    I like it with this darker cabinet:

    Not so much with this more orange toned cabinet. The gray is making the wood look more orange then it is:

  • kjoy1

    My first reaction to your choices is that they are a little too busy:/ Can you get your hands on something more solid and or lighter in color...

    A Soapstone or Absolute Black Granite

    A granite with less pattern and lighter base color like Alaska White

    Are you interested in Quartz at all? Cambria Windermere would be lovely

  • emmarene9

    I prefer what Kjoy offered over the two you are considering. They seem better with the wood.

  • Jennifer Havin

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    soapstone on the bottom, granite on top, you need something less busy

  • calidesign

    A solid color white or cream quartz would be best. The pearly gray might work, but you would need to see the whole slab. Don't get anything that has a light/dark color contrast. The simpler the better.

  • stelmowalker
    Thanks everyone for the great input. I , too , am concerned that the counter could be too busy. I am going back to see the other choices that are less busy in the granite supply store. I'd love to have quartz, but granite is in the budget.

    I will look more toward a less busy cream. I see in the photos that the bainbrook is much too busy. I will keep looking and concentrate on a calmer piece of granite.
  • stelmowalker
    Jhmarie.. the pictures you posted look very pretty. I have the exact same pfaltzgraff pattern for my dishes. !
  • jhmarie

    If its the "Heirloom" pattern - you are giving away your age:) The plates in the plate rail and the cups underneath are Pfaltzgraff too.

  • stelmowalker
    Yes, it's the heirloom pattern . I got it as a wedding gift and still love it. I've added to it through garage sales. Timeless simplicity .
  • jhmarie

    Yes they are my wedding dishes too ... 1985:) Ebay and Replacements.com have it too, though so far I haven't had to replace any.

  • stelmowalker
    I'm glad to see somebody else still uses theirs. Mine are from 1982. I love them.
  • jhmarie

    Of course we were both child brides:)

  • km kane
    Neither. Go for a plan, white-ish Quartz. Those granites are ugly

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