Can 277 volt rated CREE LR6 LEDs work on 120 volt

Victor Hass
3 years ago


My electrical/lighting contractor (yes, the owner is a master licensed electrician) purchased (may/could be) by mistake 10 277 volt rated CREE LR6 retrofit LED trims (Cree LR6-10L-35K-277V - LR6 Series 6" LED Downlight - 1050 Lumens - 10.5W - 3500K - 277V - Dimmable) to be installed in my home along with Lutron dimmers. I told him, explicitly, via email that he should buy Cree LR6-10L-35K-120V-A-DR

I noticed the voltage rating while the technician was installing and brought to the technician's attention. The technician said it should work fine. From the box label, looks like the technician ordered these.

What you think? These LEDs are acting kind of strange and not exactly like their 120v counterparts in my master bathroom. I know, if this would have been other way around - 120 volt LED on 277 volt, these LEDS would have been blown apart after a few days.

Is this a code violation and is owner liable for this?

Will 10 year CREE warranty be void due to this voltage mismatch?

Shall I ask the owner to replace these?

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