February 12, 2017

Okay - I am a material girl. Anyone who knows me knows I like "things" and that having a beautiful home is very important to me. But even I have my limit...

I subscribe to 1stDibs, an online place to shop for high end furniture and accessories, as well as fashion accessories and very high end vintage fashion. Today, they featured dream closets Just take a look at these!

I considered having my own closets updated and called in a few chain closet design companies for estimates and ideas. First of all, the designers were idiots; second, the prices were astounding and this was for melamine - really pretty basic stuff - no extras or luxury items. They were going to cost me from $2000-5000 per closet. It didn't happen.

So, knowing those prices for schlock, seeing these closets today just made me cringe. One could build a typical family home for the price of these closets. And then there is the sheer volume of clothes and shoes. I have a LOT of shoe - I'm not hard on my shoes and some are nearly 20 years old and still in style. But the amount in some of these closets? Yikes!

When we lived in LA, the house we rented in Hancock Park had the most wonderful dressing room/closet off the master bedroom. It had a tall closet for evening wear, short closets for men's suits and my blouses/jackets, closets for pants, a closet for handbags and one for shoes. It wasn't terribly large, just very well designed. It even had very high up closets for hat boxes! There was a window seat bench, and a vanity and wash basin. It was heaven! But it was not elaborate - just nicely designed, built out of solid wood (probably in the 1930's) and all the closets had doors so there was no dust on things, nor things ruined by sunlight. There was a window with shutters on the bottom. I miss that closet.

The closets on 1st Dibs are like fixtures in a VERY high end boutique. The size is bigger than a MBR in even a large, luxurious house. All to hold more clothes than anyone could ever wear (especially when today, all one sees women in is work-out clothes an hoodies, even when shopping in luxury stores, and not much better when eating out in expensive restaurants.

The Queen and member of the Royal Family need very large closets and the Queen has a dresser to keep track of all her clothes, when she wore them and for what, and to make sure they are cleaned and pressed and any repairs needed are made. That's because she's the Queen of England. But a lady in Greenwich? Really? Does she even know what's in all those closets? Does she ever wear any of it? Does she have a ladies maid (I have a feeling they're as rare as unicorns these days!)?

This kind of excess and self importance makes my blood boil. Okay - rant over...

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  • jemdandy

    OOooh, money looking for a place to be spent!

  • PRO

    Yep, just how much more can I possibly spend! I want to spend MORE!

  • kris_zone6

    If any of them were in my house it would just be an almost empty room. I don't have enough clothing or shoes to fill one.

  • imstillchloecat

    Do you have children? I "inherited" a ton of absolute $h!t from my mother, who thought all the stuff in the world was wonderful and necessary.

  • Roseberry Ranch

    Nope, not for me. Too ostentatious . Some of those would make me feel as if I were shopping in department store. We downsized considerably 20 years ago, and it was soooo liberating. Now, I feel like I could live in our RV . At my age, less is definitely more.

  • marilyn_c

    I have a ton of stuff. Not clothes. My clothes are rags but I have something like 23 antique (and vintage) cupboards. This house has 10 rooms, but too many even for this house. I have probably 10,000 marbles. I have at least 30 or more big jars full of them. I don't know how many because a lot of them are in cupboards in the other house. I have jars full of all kinds of crap. Buttons, junk, cookie cutters, little scoops, measuring spoons. Weird junk. I even have a little jar, shaped like a man's head that is full of teeth. All kinds of animal teeth. None human. I like weird crap. I remember what my mother used to say about her junk...."Well, it's not eating anything"...meaning, it isn't costing anything to keep it. I will say this though....before she died, she gave away almost everything she had. If anyone came over and remarked on something...she would insist they take it.

  • Scott/Pawprint

    Here is Joan Crawford's shoe closet featured in the Mommie Dearest movie. I think the backlight sets it off.

    The room beyond this closet was her clothes closet & dressing room.

  • arcy_gw

    My confusion comes from the impression people who can afford the space would never be caught wearing the same thing twice so why the need to store it?

  • arkansas girl

    Somebody has to keep our Consumerist Economy going because it sure won't be me!

  • Elizabeth

    Those closets are such an expression of narcissism it repulses me. They say, "Please come worship in the shrine I have built for the shoe that glorifies my magnificent foot. " Spare me.

  • aok27502

    I also could live in an RV, so the very idea of these rooms confounds me. I am shaking my head at a few, with bright natural light. Really, glass front doors and a skylight? I guess these people don't keep clothes long enough that the sunlight fades and rots them.

  • adellabedella_usa

    If someone has the money and they are aren't hurting anyone including their own self, then I don't have a problem with them spending their money on big closets. It's their money and their own choice.

    These closets aren't to my taste. There may be some good organizational tips in here. For instance having a bench so you can put your shoes on there or mirrors so the clothes don't get brought into the bedroom. If I had my way, we would have larger closets and no chests and dressers in the bedroom. I prefer more functional closets with what I consider less wasted space. Some of these closets are more like dressing rooms.

  • hooked123

    I have always had a closet that my husband and I share until we moved into the house we live in now. My closet is very nice with built-in shelves but here's the funny thing, I am not crazy about fashion so I use my closet for home storage. I once went years with only three pairs of shoes. I have never had a budget for fancy clothing. We are about to go on a trip and my daughter kindly told me the truth that I really NEED some new clothes. It's hard for me to justify spending as clothes don't hold up as well as they seemed to 15 - 20 years ago. I remember when Talbot's and Nordstrom clothes wore like iron and looked good.

  • Elizabeth

    I have a large closet too and am certainly no slave to fashion. I have more than enough clothing and I purge my closet whenever it seems to be getting too full. I refuse to have large amounts of clothing I don't wear and may never wear again. My personality requires it to be organized and efficient and never to excess.

  • adellabedella_usa

    We are about to go on a trip and my daughter kindly told me the truth that I really NEED some new clothes. It's hard for me to justify spending as clothes don't hold up as well as they seemed to 15 - 20 years ago.

    Sabbath, Splurge and buy the new clothes. Buy a few items just because they are pretty and make you look good. Get comfortable shoes so can walk in them. Most likely you are going to take pictures while you are on vacation. You will enjoy looking at those pictures more if you are wearing something that is flattering and looks great. Enjoy your vacation!

  • Texas_Gem

    Some of those closets are beautiful spaces and I enjoyed looking at them.

    I can't help but be amused at how others get upset though.

    Every single one of us one this board lives a better life with bigger houses, cars and more things than 80% of the world.

    How you feel about these peoples wasteful excess is probably how many feel about us.

    Probably best we don't judge others unless we are willing to have someone question why we need a 2000+ square foot house for only one or two people.

  • chisue

    This isn't 'storage'. These are recreations of departments within upscale fashion stores. These people love to shop so much they've brought the concept home. Is there a ladies maid to keep everything in order?

    Given the seating in some of these photos, I wonder if the owner entertains in them. (I have a little ottoman in my closet -- but not a pair of chaises.)

    Years ago a major glossy magazine --Life, or perhaps National Geographic -- photographed families all over the world, posing them in front of their homes, along with all of their possessions. I remember one family lived in a yurt and had about three pots, some baskets, and the clothes they had on. The US family required a double spread. You couldn't count all the goods spread out on the lawn of their ordinary American home: Furniture, large and small appliances, carpeting, rugs, pictures, clothes, toys, bicycles, cars, a trailer, lawn equipment, snowmobiles, dishes, pots and pans, and on and on.

  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    It is excess. But it's their excess. Why not? I don't think I'd do that, but I'd have a nicer closet than I currently have. It's nicely sized, but it's not pretty in any way. Maybe I could do something fun in there.

    Texas, it was NPR. Thanks for pointing it out. It looks like it'll be interesting.

  • OklaMoni

    WOW, .. some of the closets are bigger than my living room!!!


  • joyfulguy

    This is a different world than the one in which I've ever lived ... but when I lived in Korea just after that war mainly helping refugees get back on their feet, I got to see first-hand much of the difference between the only lifestyle available to them and mine, living in, by our standards, a very modest house.

    Isn't the great differences a major part of the issue that resulted in a flood of refugees/migrants moving from a strongly disadvantaged/and/or autocrat-ruled area into Europe in recent years?

    We're immune?

    I think not.

    What's the major difference between the refugee/migrant situation in Europe and in northern North America?

    A big body of water.

    Will we think it necessary to build a wall along the Atlantic seacoast - outside of the cities on the coast, e.g. New York?

    And we have huge and increasing differences in lifestyle closer to home.

    ole joyful

  • blfenton

    Isn't there a lady in Texas who has a closet twice as big as my house?

  • Elmer J Fudd

    "Isn't the great differences a major part of the issue that resulted in a flood of refugees/migrants moving from a strongly disadvantaged/and/or autocrat-ruled area into Europe in recent years?"

    No. In the past decade, the push from Africa and the Middle East to Europe has been mostly a result of war and other types of civil strife and unrest. Economic differences have long been present and a factor but for recent major refugee movements, only a very minor factor.

  • angelaid_gw

    I own one pair of shoes, one pair of winter boots and a pair of flip flops (which I pretty much live in, outside of work). I do need to replace the shoes. I have about a dozen dresses for work. They are all from Goodwill (a friend used to volunteer there and knows I won't shop for myself) and I have had them all well over 10 years. So, time for some new work dresses. I don't wear pants or slacks. I have about a dozen, very nice, sweaters that I haven't worn for over ten years, that I need to have dry cleaned and find someone who will sell them online for me.

    I've tried shopping online. Clothes just aren't something I've had any luck with. I wish someone could just take a mannequin of my body shopping for work dresses. lol

    And, no, I don't need more closet space.

  • pudgeder

    To each his own.....

    Not my preference to spend my money that way.

  • nicole___

    I LOVE ALL those closets. There was a time when I had shoes and clothes to fill them. My house has cedar lined winter closets and a valuables closet, nothing like those shown......but still a little "extra" opulence from the previous owners. I'm not working a high end job, construction warrants a different....low-end couture. :0) Altho my painters pants are a pair of Tommy H. cargo covered in ten different shades of paint blobs and my paint splattered shoes, either Merrills or New Balance......not a Louboutin.

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