Quartzite cracking, flaking and discoloration - HELP!

Melissa C
February 23, 2017

I bought the most beautiful slab of Antarctic Quartzite. Spent a ton! As you can see, there is a crack around the sink that is now flaking, I could pull it off with my fingernail very easily if I tried. Other issues are the discoloration, tiny holes and texture. It is yellowed, is rough and has these teeny holes around the same area of the sink. If you zoom in you can see on the edge of the sink where the Quartzite has turned into these gray shapes where these tiny holes are (looks matte). It looks like these will become more cracks in the future. The issues are all on one side of the sink.

Additionally, my builder (small builder) won't help. They purchased the stone for me from the slab company and sent it to their fabricator. When it was installed, I mentioned the above issues and the builder said "I'm being too picky. It's very hard to cut". This was before I noticed the flaking of the crack. This sink is in a guest bathroom that has never even been used.

What's even more, they same thing is happening to the bar countertop we have (other part of the same slab). There are THREE cracks and flaking on the rounded edges of the bar (where my fingers are in the photo). Someone could literally walk by or touch and the cracks/flaking could pull up. We were told that it would be okay to have this outside under our covered porch by the slab company and that some oxidation may occur. They had a slab out in the yard that had been there for a year and wasn't as yellow as ours is now. Additionally, we spent about $1300 on a marine grade UV proof/waterproof custom cover for the bar to prevent this so believe it has something to do with the cut, since it's yellowing inside with no sun (only a tiny tinted window in that bathroom that gets indirect sun).

The builder paid for the services so yes it's been paid in full. Before I go to the fabricator myself, since the builder is willing to do nothing, I would like to know what any contractors or builders think. This is not acceptable in my world, you can clearly see the color issue when you look at the sink.

- I called the slab company and they said it's definitely the fabricator's fault.

- Is the builder in the wrong for not helping? It's not the builder's fault, why won't they stand with me and reach out to the fabricator?

- Can I assume that it was cut incorrectly by the fabricator?

- Is there some sort of warranty? I was not even warned that this was a difficult stone to cut

- Either way, shouldn't the fabricator replace my stone?

- Someone mentioned they may try to get someone out here to fix it, can something like this be fixed?

- The fabricator does not sell Quartzite so I don't even know if I can get this same stone again but how does this work when a fabricator messes up a stone from someone else? Would they really shove out all that money to buy me a comparable stone?

Please help! I'm so upset :(

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