Duraform cabinets vs painted cabinets?

4 years ago

We are building a house with a production builder, and
deciding on kitchen/bathroom cabinets. The builder uses Timberlake cabinets,
and apparently there is a new type of cabinet called Duraform. They are not
painted, and this is how they are described: “Duraform uses
foils and coatings bonded to composite wood materials for doors that are highly
resistant to warping, heat, humidity and fading.”

I did some internet searches and it seems there is no
discussion on Duraform (they were just released in Sept 2016). The builder’s
interior designer says they have a better reputation than your typical wrapped
cabinet, and are more durable than painted cabinets.

Thoughts on these? If we decide to upgrade to painted
cabinets in the kitchen, do you think Duraform is fine for the bathrooms? Or
should we splurge on painted cabinets everywhere? What are the pros and cons of


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