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Should I rearrange these pictures?

Evan A.
March 15, 2017
Do these pictures look okay or should I position them differently?

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  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Hang the two mirrors, one over one…the wider one on the bottom and position them right about in the middle of the mirror (leave some wall showing). Move the limb to the other side of the mirror.

  • decoenthusiaste

    I think I know what JudyG is saying - mount them on the mirror itself. That's a pretty big wall for just two little prints. I'm sure there's a better spot for them but we're not seeing all the walls in your room. The ones above the bed look a tad small and too far apart. Maybe you should post some more pix and we'll try to iron it out for you.

  • ilikefriday

    The artwork is too small. I sugest finding some larger pieces or group them with the pieces over the bed.

  • Evan A.
    Here's some more photos of the room.
  • PRO
    Julie Kardatzke Architect, LLC

    You need something larger on that wall. The mirror is nice and bold; the two pictures are too dainty. Personally, the branch does nothing for me. I'd also remove the two pieces over the headboard; they're much too small and delicate in comparison to the headboard.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Spacious room. I think your bed is facing the TV but is on a short wall and so the bed is crowding into the window. I would prefer the bed on the wall where the art gallery is, and the TV where you have the floor mirror. I would stack the two pix you have above your headboard right of the window above the sticks ( but I'd remove the sticks.) If that other big stick is not for the cat, I would hang it above the bed and start a collection of handmade birds to sit on it (just a few really special ones.) Your larger art piece can hang on the wall where you have the bed now, and the current TV wall will do for the floor mirror. The other art can find a home elsewhere.

  • Evan A.
    Thanks everyone for the advice! I think I might try to rearrange the room like @decoenthusiaste described.
  • Elle

    I would suggest keeping the headbed on the same wall but adding a curtain rod and curtains that start from the top right corner of the right window and extend to the left the same distance off of the left wall. That will allow the bed to no longer appear up against the window and be centered on that wall. (Unlike in the photo though, the bed would be centered on the curtains and the curtains don't necessarily need to go to the ceiling.) I would skip the branch, maybe skip the nice mirror too, and get larger artwork for the wall in question.

    Beachfront Light · More Info
  • decoenthusiaste

    Please post pix of the rearrangement and we'll help you with any difficulties you run into with the change.

  • Evan A.
    Alright I rearranged some things. The flow of the room feels better. Now I'm trying to figure out how I should hang some art.
  • decoenthusiaste

    Try that piece that's leaning on the wall, centered 60" above the floor on that same wall. The two pieces that were above the bed can stack vertically, centered 60" above the floor on the right side of the window. BUT if you want drapes to flank that window, the art placement will have to be rethought. Pull the rug under the bottom 1/3 of the bed if it isn't already there (can't tell on my computer screen.)

  • Evan A.
    Still a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely.
  • anitaladyrose

    Wow! It is looking good... I like what you have done so far.

  • jbtanyderi
    Lower both pictures. Match the centre line of each.
  • Evan A.
    Just fixed it. Thanks!
  • decoenthusiaste

    Well, it is starting to get a little busy again and isn't what I had in mind, but if you're happy...

  • PRO
    Atelier Armbruster

    Hello Evan A.,

    This picture might help you choosing your wall arrangement :

    Best of luck,

    Atelier Armbruster LLC,


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