I found TURFACE in Toronto!! Canada-wide shipping

March 18, 2017
last modified: March 18, 2017

Hello my fellow Canadian friends!!

I know how hard and frustrating it is to find the proper ingredients in Canada for Al's gritty mix and 5-1-1, and I am soooo excited to be sharing the good news!! Today I found Turface at a local small business named "Grow Something". They have an online store as well as a physical store in East York, Toronto. I first discovered this lovely shop while I was in the search of new succulent additions to my collection (they have quite a large variety of succulents, rare ones also, and offer Canada-wide delivery for all their products). So out of curiosity, I went to look into their "Soil" section, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw "Calcined Clay, Turface" =D

They sell it by the litre, $3/litre. If you want it to be shipped/delivered to you, theres a minimum purchase of 3 litres required ($9). Not as cost effective as buying the 50lbs Turface bag itself, but hey, for the few of us that don't have access to Turface resources and don't need it in large scale quantities, I thought this was an AMAZING find and that could help some of you =D

Here is what a bag of 1L ($3) looks like (its small):

Here's the direct link to the Turface:

and here's the direct link to their succulent selection in case you are interested as well:

Oh and I thought I'd also share this online orchid supplies store named Ravenvision, located in Ontario. I was very pleased to find them because they happen to sell PINE BARK in various particle sizes, and the best part is, they also offer Canada-wide shipping =D Their product is called Orchiata, its a premium pinus radiate bark from New Zealand, recently available in Canada. I ordered the "extra fine" size, which is what I think the closest size for Al's mixes (it's 3-6mm or 1/8-1/4 inches)

Heres a pic of the extra fine bark:

And heres the link:

Hope this helps some of you :)



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