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Faux Wood Beam Trusses

Jack Haney
April 2, 2017

Wondering what people's pros and cons were that have them. Do they really fool the eye? From the prices I see, a good cabinet guy can probably duplicate with real wood as cheap, maybe cheaper. Thanks

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  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    It all depends on where you are putting them and who is making and installing them. Could you post some photos of where you want these? That would help. As a design tip: beams have a way of visually lowering the ceiling. They work better if they are a part of a vaulted or elevated ceiling. Is that your situation?

  • Jack Haney
    This would be in a vaulted (20×20) great room with 10 foot walls and 18 foot to the peak. This will be a new build so pics aren't available.
  • PRO
    Noble Home, LLC

    I'd try to go the honesty route. Fake beams never seem to work. I would either change the roof structure to allow real beams to be exposed, or if you need decoration, use a pattern of trim on the ceiling - maybe covering the sheetrock joints (if that is the finish ceiling).

  • PRO

    The faux beams would be my choice if I wanted a distressed appearance.


  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    Normally, I want the "real thing" but the way these new beams look (see posting above) they are very realistic. With that high ceiling they would look great. In new builds, my trim people do an amazing job of distressing and hand making the true wood "covers" over infrastructure and stain them like the trim or flooring whichever the client wants and they look amazing. Talk to your builder about the options. Our trim people charged less than the premade faux beams but each area is different. You will have to price them out. But, yes, with that ceiling distressed beams would be beautiful.

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