Chantal Merieux - a Gulliot Generosa rose bred by Massad

In the US, this rose is available from Roses Unlimited. That's where I got my baby band. It is supposed to be very disease resistant (BS, mildew and rust), have wonderful fragrance, large blooms, a compact habit and a gorgeous pink color. Sounds great right?

It's not very popular here in the states due to availability, but I'm wonderfing if anyone from Europe or Australia grows this rose and can offer some input or photos? Like heat, shade, habit, etc. Thank you!

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Cori Ann, I order you to stop posting these gorgeous photos this instant! You are making me have sinful desires and cravings for roses I have can't have. It's torture. I especially focused in an unhealthy way on the ever so charming Gee Whiz. Shades of Augusta Luise and obsessions! Diane

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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    I just can't Diane. I can't! I need them in order to lift my own mood after that awful wind storm that delayed my spring flush by a few weeks by ripping off some of my buds! I'm very lucky the wind didn't do more damage here and don't mean to sound like a whiner about just a few buds, especially when the house, the roof, the roses and other plants seem to be fine overall.... but I just can't stop posting photos. I should be working or doing schoolwork or something more productive. But I'm not. I'm going to post lovely photos and drool over your lovely photos and drink my coffee for at least another hour. ;-)

  • bethnorcal9

    She's a beauty. I wish RU could get in more Massad roses. There's so many I would love to have....

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  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    It's drop-dead gorgeous and sounds like a wonder rose in every other way. I have heard people complain (especially those who are more into the old roses) that the European roses (other than the Austins) that have blooms with an old-fashioned look are often perched on top of sky-high bushes with a stiff growth habit and modern-looking leaves. I wonder if people here find this to be the case, and whether some breeders are more prone to do this than others. I think Tantau may have been mentioned as being guilty of this. I'm not sure whether this is true of the Delbard and other French roses. I would imagine that roses with thinner leaves and canes might be more prone to disease, while the chunky-caned and big-leaved types would be more resistant.

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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    I will try to take lots of photos as it matures Ingrid and describe how it does in my yard. It does sound like a wonder doesn't it? I'm very excited about my Guillot/Massad roses! Delbard too. I love French roses.

  • haku84_zone9

    WOW I would love to add this rose to my garden.. but Im currently saturated with pink roses..

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Oooh, so cute, with lots of petals and a gorgeous color. I can't believe with your heat you have such great blooms. Interesting proliferation. Do you think all the blooms will have these? I've been ogling Massad roses for several years. My favorite rose of his is Froufroutante Jackie. The name alone is enough to make me want this rose, but it's truly gorgeous. Now Massad has a couple of newer roses out that are very neat: Centenaire de l'Hay-- les Roses and Diablesse des Mers. They've got to get simpler names for these. Have you seen the photo of Dominique Massad on HMF? What a sexy Frenchman. Anyway, I love your little rose which should be another winner for you. Oh--Massad hybridized Sonia Rykiel, too. Diane

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  • Lynn-in-TX- Zone 8b (Central TX)

    I grew 3 Chantal Merieux. C.M. is among the very few roses I have discarded (less than a dozen or so out of hundreds over the years). I was enamored with the gorgeous blooms, drawn to the description, and took the plunge. After growing them for about 3.5 years, I understood why this rose does not seem popular. They could take the Summer heat, but what an unsightly growth habit, unattractive leaves and rarely would be the best description for it having blooms. Maybe C.M. NEEDS more fertile soil??? Hope you have better luck with it.

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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Thanks for the feedback on how this rose worked (or didn't work) in your yard Desertgarden. I will see if the leaves and habit bug me. So far I like it, but little baby leaves are hard to dislike. It's happily blooming in the heat with no sun scorch, so it has gained favor in my eyes so far.

    Diane you like Dominique Massad's look? Too funny. He has that long French hair in the front. I love so many of his roses. Even ones with yellow, which you know I usually veer away from. He has so many large, frilly roses. Have you seen Rosomane Janon? The color change on that one is so vibrant. Belle d'Espinouse is a red/purple stripey that I would love to see in person.

    He also has so many roses with unique color combos we don't see here too often. Diablese de Mers is one with that purple shade we both love, but it also has a yellowish center and supposedly smells like jasmine. I want all of his roses. He has so many full and fluffy ones, so many unique singles, so many color combos we don't get to see here.

    Since we can't have these roses we want to much, here's a consolation video of a man you find sexy speaking in French about his passion for roses in his rose garden...

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Cori Ann, I will watch the video in a little bit, and see if the man is still sexy, or if the HMF photo was a doctored fluke-heheh. I have not seen photos of Rosomane Janon or Belle d'Espinouse. Did you know rosomane means rose maniac? Froufrou must mean he has an Aunt Jackie who's frivolous. I love these names. Much more interesting than Gee Whiz or something. Going to look at the above two you mentioned. I love large frilly roses, as you know. I'm still amazed that so many of your roses even try in the heat you have. Diane

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  • bart_2015

    "I have heard people complain (especially those who are more into the
    old roses) that the European roses (other than the Austins) that have
    blooms with an old-fashioned look are often perched on top of sky-high
    bushes with a stiff growth habit and modern-looking leaves." says Ingrid. I think this is one reason I tried the Austins in the first place, and have never really looked into the modern European "old fashioned" ones. I really don't like that habit at all. Belle de Sardaigne is a Massad climber,and seems to not have this fault. I now have Durance in a pot; the flowers were so beautiful; I'm hoping to grow this as a small climber to avoid the "lollypop look". I also got a rose called Belle de Segosa from Petales des Roses,which they say is a climber which can go up to 3 meters,though everywhere else I've only seen Bde S described as a shrub. However this one has not impressed me positively at all. Typical lollypop habit, flowers boring, and as soon as it got hot the whole plant began looking like it was sunburnt-and this is morning-only sun. It's in a pot; maybe it'll do better in the ground. The Austin rose James Galway seems to be by nature a "lollypop", too; I'm trying to train it's canes as horizontally as possible,but it isn't easy. Still, I'd like to learn more about these French roses...especially to find ones that aren't lollypops.

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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Hi Bart! Oh I would love to see photos of Belle de Segosa if you have any! Have you ever been to Novaspina nursery in Italy? They list quite a few Massad roses and seem very knowledgeable.

    They seem to breed roses specifically for the hot climate of Italy (with water issues too). If you go, please post some photos! All of us will be so jealous! They list quite a few roses that are so unique and interesting, like Speronella Dalesmanini.

  • Henrik (Sweden, USDA 4-5)

    I also grow Belle de Segosa in a pot (since spring 2014) and I agree with Bart that the growth habit isn't ideal (for a pot), but I think it has a special fragrance and it's been very mildew resistant for me so I still keep it.

    I don't necessarily think that "lollypop on a stick" is automatically a bad thing but I do think the canes of BdS grow too tall before setting flower buds. It would work better in the back of a border with smaller roses in front.

    A couple of old photos of my plant (not the best bush shot but it was the only one I could find):

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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Oh it's gorgeous! Maybe wound around a little tripod to rein it in? I wish I could smell it through the photo.

  • bart_2015

    Mine didn't look nearly that goodeven when in bloom,but I've only had it since last december. It grew like a maniac,but in a very angular way, only 2 really long canes -very differenr from Henrik's handsome plant. And, as I mentioned before, as soon as the temperatures went up, the entire plant took on a wierd burnt quality,leaves all yellow-brownish coloured(though not dried out???),canes looking burnt, etc. Since the one I got was sold as CLIMBING Bde S,maybe it's a particularly vigorous sport? Anyway, if the weather ever improves and becomes rainy and cool, I'll try planting it out in the ground.

  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA

    Cori Ann,

    You've dangled too tempting of a worm in front of me, and I bit! I believe I just ordered the last two Chantal Merieux (wanted three, but only two were available, presently), from Roses Unlimited.

    I may container grow them until next spring for now. A winter in my fruit cellar will definitely give them an edge over going into the ground now, and facing winters onslaught there, even if heavily winterized.

    I like to take chances and play hunches.....and if you, Cori Ann, have a rose that's new to me, there must be a very good reason you do, so its worth a trial for me. What have I got to lose? Nothing, really. What have I got to gain? A lot, if Chantal Merieux works here.

    Cori Ann, you may not be aware of the positive influence you have on your fellow Roses Forum members. You seem to pull extraordinary roses out of nowhere like a magician and get us all stirred up about them. Your cutting edge, 'Adventures in Roses,' gets us all going and inspired. Thanks!

    The flower form of the CM seen in your photos is one of my favorites. The flower is beautiful in form and color. I truly have a weakness for roses with button eyes....draws you in to take a closer look. Then the scent gets you. What more do you want?

    The odd foliage growth reported on CM doesn't matter that much, as long as it is healthy. Stingy blooms? I'll see how it does here. Maybe my climate will kick it up a notch or two.

    I'll keep you posted on its performance here.

    Also, I knew a Catholic nun, Mother de Chantal, a tough, petite, sweetheart, who was a treasured family friend. Her last name from home was Mulligan. The children gave her the nickame, 'Mad Mulligan'. Mother de Chantal took no prisoners in her classroom. You had to learn, no exceptions. She went home in 1998 at age 108.

    Cori Ann, just the name of your rose, Chantal Merieux, brings back many cherished memories.


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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Fantastic Moses! I hope it flourishes for you. A pot to start sounds like a great idea. I kept mine in a pulp pot for a few months here. I wanted to watch it since there isn't a great deal of info on it in the states. It grew slowly at first, but is picking it up now. It does seem happy in the intense sun here with little shade, so take that for what it's worth as you're deciding where to put them later on.

    Even for a little baby rose, the scent is remarkable. HMF says something like anise, old rose and strawberry. I agree. It also has a buttery, cookie fragrance... like Madame Anisette. To me, the fragrance is like anise biscotti with strawberry jam and a bouquet of roses. Delicious!!!

    Thanks for the kind words Moses. Gardening is an adventure isn't it? We get to explore, discover, experiment learn and grow. I will be following how your roses do. What an amazing rose if it can do well in both of our climates!

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Cori Ann, I'm a little off topic here, but on the summer thread, a ways up thread, I thanked you for the peony poppy seeds which arrived safely several days ago. Love that Christmas card, too. Did the seeds I sent you ever arrive?......We are all deciding whether to start a second summer thread because the photos are not showing up for a lot of us. I think that's a good move. Tell us what you think of this. Diane

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  • irisgal_z9

    'Chantal Merieux' looks like a peony at HMF!! And has an excellent rating. How did I miss this post? How is yours doing now?

    Thank you for the Novasprina link. Enchanting pictures. This link has only a few Massads, duplicates but 2-3 different ones.

    Ran across this lovely Massad in pearl grey.

    Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy thanked irisgal_z9
  • SoFL Rose z10

    Hi guys. I. Looking for updates on Chantal merieux as I have one coming from RU in a couple of weeks. How’s the disease resistance and bloom power? Does it like heat?

  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA

    SoFl Rose,

    No major update just yet that would be particularly relevant to you in FL, but for what you may glean out of my experience so far, Here goes....

    The nicest of the two I received from RU last summer, and were winter rested in my fruit cellar, went into its 'permanent,' spot in my rose bed a few days ago.

    I had them for about three months' growing time here, outside, in their RU gallon pots they came in, when they arrived last year. Neither one ever produced even a tiny bud, but produced continually, incredibly twiggy growth, the same twiggy, bloomless growth they came with. They both also needed a couple liquid feedings with Miracid for chronic chlorotic leaves. They greened up nicely after that.

    I mentioned in a post here on the Roses Forum concerning my apprehension at CM last year, that they came from RU very twiggy. I trimmed 20 semi-green stemmed, leaves out twigs from them to tighten them up. The twigs were then put under propagation, and 19 of the 20 rooted within about 3 weeks time! Enough big roots to be potted out into liner pots! That's remarkably fast rooting which I have never experienced with any variety of rose before.

    Aren't easy to root roses supposed to be vigorous growers and bloomers?

    back to the present time....

    Their fresh, new leaves are now chlorotic again! I just gave the recently planted one a Miracid feed today.

    All my negative press so far is hopefully a temporary aberration, just a rocky start, and CM will prove to be a winner here. I have great hopes still. It is a stunning rose photo wise.

    I hope yours takes off running, or I should say rooting!


  • SoFL Rose z10

    Thanks Moses. I’m more of a buy first ask questions later type of rose shopper. Mostly because my climate is so different from most Rose growers. (We are practically in the tropics), so a lot of my rose gardening is trial and error. However I do have 1 thing I absolutely must have before I order and that’s at least some degree of disease resistance. Very disease resistant is more ideal. I’ve heard this has some resistance so I’m giving it a shot. :)

  • suncoastflowers

    Love this one! What a beauty!

  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    I don’t have the same disease issues here as Florida, but mine seems very disease resistant. Does well in dry heat. Fast grower. Mine has also had very healthy and green foliage, but I have acidic soil so that may be helping. I will take some more photos once the buds open. :-)

  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Here’s a photo as it is now. Very healthy. Lots of buds. Should bloom within a few weeks.

  • Diana (zone 8, AL)

    Hello Cori Ann - thank you for your info on Chantal Merieux, I am ordered her I am in zone 8, AL and I think she will be perfect for my garden ..

    Any more pictures from this year? Many thanks

  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Not blooming here yet this spring, but soon!

  • Diana (zone 8, AL)

    Wow! The Bush is pretty Cori Ann! Thank you

    Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy thanked Diana (zone 8, AL)
  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA

    Chantal Merieux Update:

    Growing normal colored leaves now, looks healthy. All the liners from her struck late last summer are coming along fine.

    So far this year we are 8" ahead of normal rainfall to date. ..wet, cold spring...3 weeks late this year. Punxsutawney Phil was right this year. There was a freeze last night in some neighborhoods. That makes three freeze nights this week. The turtle tub had 1/4" ice on it the other night. Put them in the bathtub just as a precaution.

    There is only 3" of new growth so far on the most vigorous roses. Otherwise, the weather prediction is for an improvement.


    Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy thanked Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA
  • mas_loves_roses1

    Any more updates on Chantal? I've always ogled this rose but haven't pull the plug yet on buying it.

  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA

    Glad you asked.

    For me, she is a wimpy, disorganized mess. Is very black spot prone. Is starting to repeat almost acceptably, which she was very poor at until this year, 2019. Makes very skinny basal canes. Not one basal is even 1/2 inch in diameter. She makes consistently very wild, lax, flower face in the mud growth. I tried to bulk her up with mega liquid feedings only to get vegetative centered blooms galore.

    Now onto the good things. Her bloom is pretty, and fragrance is intense. One or two more years for CM to shape up, or it's the shovel for her. I'm being far more tolerant and patient with her than she deserves. Have booted roses that performed better, but in my mind, I see the exquisite photos of her I've seen of her on the web, so I persevere. Success may be just around the corner, like the Ugly Duckling becoming a beautiful Swan. Truly, I am trying not to let her awfulness upset me....taking a new tack.

    I think it's because my garden is otherwise coming together very nicely, so her awfulness is moderated by the wonders of these new roses: Dee-Lish, Pink Climbing Don Juan, Quick Silver, Purple Prince, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Pretty Lady Rose, Sister Emmanuelle, Polar Express, Miranda Lambert, and the Drift Roses... plus my old workhorses: Quietness, Julia Child, Sweet Fragrance, Bolero, Pope John Paul II, Apricot Nectar, Milwaukee's Calatrava, and Lady Ashe.

    You know, I think I named every rose in my garden above, except for Dame de Coeur (looking at eviction), and a new very promising yellow, big, fragrant, HT Meilland I can't think of its name?


  • mas_loves_roses1

    Moses, thank you for your detailed feedback! Sounds like CM won't make the cut. You have a great collection of roses. Would love to see some pictures if you have them available! :)

  • erasmus_gw

    Fed up with mine. Poor grower as an own root plant.

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