Neighbor - should have said something. Oops

April 19, 2017

I have a young couple next to me. The houses are very close. I have lived here for 42 years and a lot of people have moved in and out of that house. I've seen lots of work done over there. The young woman who lives there now rubs me the wrong way. She is very officious -- that's the word that comes to mind -- you can't tell her anything, she knows it all. She also did something unkind to another neighbor who is a favorite of mine, but I stay out of neighborhood arguments. We are neighborly to each other, but nothing beyond that.

So, they have been having trouble with the main drain from their house. Roots get into it. Before they moved in, the drain pipe from the house was replaced. They were told that as part of the disclosure. I guess the sellers didn't tell them that there is an old septic tank under that spot that was broken and filled with gravel. I chatted with her one day about the roots problem (we all have that problem on the street). I tried to give her some history of what had gone before with her house and recommend a good drain cleaning company that I had used. She was not interested in hearing about it, so I just kept moving along.

So today I see the company I would have recommended out there working. Another company had not solved the problem. Anyway, I was going to walk over and warn the workers about the old septic tank, but then thought nope, not getting involved with her! She knows it all anyway, right? Next thing I hear a giant "clang" as their backhoe hits the tank. Oops. Now they are all standing around out there staring in the hole. wondering "what the heck?". Guess she didn't know it all. I feel kind of bad, but not really.

That's my story du jour, at least so far.

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