Paint color decisions for my master bedroom

May 1, 2013
My other discussion was so helpful and I'm already making changes, so I figured I'd ask for help on the paint colors for my bedroom.

I'm considering painting the back wall and two walls with windows the 3rd blue from the left. It is called "Trans Atlantic" from C2 paints. I would paint the boxed area above my bed a medium shade of silver/gray, as well as all the shleves and opening into my room and leave the wall at the end of my bed white to go with the closet doors.

** "Aviator" chair is being replaced with an Eames Lounger (Black or Brown leather, still undecided)

** The Verticell sliding cellular shade and standard cellular shades are going to be changed to a medium gray color since the existing color lets in too much light in the morning.

** Picture behind the bed is being replaced with this barn board wall that is currently being made. ( The wall will go from the floor to the bottom of the box above of my bed and extend 3 feet from each side of my bed.

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  • lisel26
    I prefer the second blue (the lighter blue/grey). It's similar to what I most recently had in my own bedroom and I always found it to be very soothing, which is nice in the bedroom. If you're going with the darker colour, I'd probably do the opposit of what you're doing - using the darker colour for the boxed area and the lighter colour around it. I wouldn't leave any of the walls white, despite the white closet, which I can't seem to find in the photos..
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    2nd from left on long wall
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  • butlera
    I like the really dark one, closest to the corner. I think it would provide a nice contrast. Having said that, I think any of these shades would work. Love the bedding and picture together!
  • Inna Brodkin
    i like both the second and the third shades. The second is more soothing, the third is bolder and more energized, so it really about your personal preference. I would not combine them though but rather choose one or the other and paint all the walls. IF you wish to do a different color on the boxed area, i'd do a quiet pale taupe or silver gray, something that blends in with the blue color as there'd be enough contrast already between the blue walls and crisp white on the window and closet trim.
  • Adam
    @ASVInteriors - The Aviator chair is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat in. It is so low and stiff. I want something that I can relax and read in.

    @lisel26 - The lighter shade of blue is called "Halifax" from C2 paints. It's nice, but not the color I was looking for. Maybe I could do the white wall a tan color?

    Here is a picture of a neighbors house. We live in a bunch of new identical townhouses. He made the room a sitting room.
  • PRO
    Oh wow! So glad to hear that Adam (not that I'm glad but I was going to get an Aviator chair for my husband as he is plane crazy). Now I know not to! It is amazing how these design "icons" can really ignore the form following function rule!
  • feeny
    I love ALL your paint colors, but the Trans Atlantic is my favorite. Your palette looks very much like the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs in our house.
  • Adam
    The 3rd blue from the left, "Trans Atlantic" is almost identical to the blue around the shelves in the picture above. I would like to do almost the opposite using that blue, the silver/gray and a taupe-like color.
  • PRO
    Color Zen
    Have you considered an overall deep blue/gray color? I think 1 wall color would suit the room well. Just a thought. Good luck!
  • PRO
    A Crew of Two
    Love that blue. But I wonder why you are breaking the room up with so many is a small room. Bring in the other colors with accent pieces- pillows, throws etc. I love the headboard and think that should be your focal point in the room.
  • PRO
    Barbara Griffith Designs
    The more wall colors/shades you use the smaller the room will feel...and don't forget to paint the ceiling a color..not white.
  • Adam
    The room is 19' wide and 10' deep. The entrance area with the shelves is about 2' deep and 4'-5' wide.
    My dilemma is that I love that color blue, but felt that I needed something to break it up. Now I'm even more confused.

    Let's try this paint by number with my neighbors room, since it is a good angle. :-)

    I was thinking
    #1, 2, 6 - Trans Atlantic Blue
    #3,4,7 - Medium Gray

    Ceiling - Didn't even think about that....
  • PRO
    Ok, I don't want to add to the confusion. But you said you liked Transatlantic blue. Use that. Can you go for a lighter shade of transatlantic blue (ie ask them to mix it two shades lighter).
    I would go for walls 1236 and 4 in transatlantic blue and then 7 and S in the lighter shade.
    By keeping the room uniformly the same colour their own natural shadows will add the nuance and you keep the ceiling light and not heavy.
    That is my applied theory (and I have done it in my offices).
  • Adam
    @ASVInteriors - Could you point me to examples of that theory in practice? I could give you my email
  • lisel26
    @Adam - I live near Halifax; maybe that's why I'm drawn to the colour. :-) I'm not sure why you want to add a 3rd colour to the closet wall. I would stick with 2 colours max, but that's my preference. I find rooms with too many colours to look choppy and a bit schizophrenic.
  • PRO
    Adam - go to my page and send me a message - happy to take photos of our offices in daylight (it is dark in Europe now) to show you how it works!
  • Geneviève
    The darker blue for behind the head board
  • PRO
    Interiors International, Inc.
    I love all those I don't think you would go wrong with any of them.
  • Judy M
    I remember this room! I see you are trying to replicate your inspiration room, nice choice. I like the blue you like and think it's a close match to the inspiration photo. Can't wait to see the rustic wood installed behind the bed.
  • djad
    I like the depth of the Trans Atlantic Blue. It will make the room dark, but proper lighting will fix that. Then, when you are wanting that dark space for those bright mornings when you want to sleep in, you can easily have it. I think that Trans Atlantic Blue on walls 1,2,6,7 and Grey on 3 and 4 would make for a nice cohesive space.
  • Jessica Cheeley
    I love the seccond color that looks like a mixture between green and gray. I feel like it is soft enough that you wouldn't get sick of it. Very pretty!
  • Caitlin Sforza
    I love the color on the far right....
  • djad
    Oh, yes, the rustic wall looks great and who could go wrong with an Eames Chair! We plan on getting one before long. Toss up on the colors for the chair as well, but I think we are leaning toward black leather, but still undecided on the base wood color.
  • PRO
    Hi Adam - sent you an email - hope this helps you see how applied theory works! All the best, Antoinette
  • PRO
    Stamps Design Services
    To add to your confusion it my take on this..... If you want to paint the window wall grey and the shelves (and surrounding area grey) with the other walls blues that should help compensate the fact that the room is so long and narrow... atleast to the eye!
  • PRO
    Malibu West Interiors
    Thank goodness the correct way to pick paint colors!! People ~ please always always do this wall application exercise for selection. Natural light and floor color tones make a huge difference on the wall paint. Personally, if you have room, I would have spread the colors out a little more as they will play off of each other as well. Ok, that's my soapbox
  • Jennifer
    As a side note, I adore the headboard. What I wouldn't give for something like that. :-)
  • Christine W
    You don't need no stinkin' help! Great choices and it will be totally fabulous. Good calls on all your choices. have fun and I'm available as a sleepover tester to see how it all turns out. :)
  • Adam
    @djad - You mentioned the Eames Lounger. I am actually purchasing it from Rove Concepts. They start at $1395, which is a much better price range. They make a replica which has had very high ratings from some reputable, dare I say, "snobby" style forums, so if the snobs approve of it, it works for me :-)
    I touched base with the company, based out of Vancouver BC on Facebook and they have been extremely helpful, answer all my questions and don't seem to have anything to hide, which is unique for the replica companies who may be cutting corners. Great customer services can really win over a customer.
  • Adam
    @Malibu West Interiors - I'm glad you approve of my "testing" I never saw it done before or read that I should do it, but figured it was something anyone would do that was struggling with colors. Testing different walls, with varying sunlight definitely helped me decide on the Trans Atlantic
  • dchomedesign
    Second from the left!!!
  • Adam
    @smugsy - Are you talking about the actual bedframe? That is the Dondra bed from CB2

    The barn board/reclaimed wood wall will be built this weekend with ripped and skip-planed Chestnut from a Long Leaf Lumber in Cambridge, MA. They are a local antique and reclaimed wood lumber company
  • Vivian Rase
    It's all about personal choice but I love number 2. It carries the feeling of serenity you've brought to the room in your artwork. I'd use it on all the walls since the room is small
  • Gina Gavegnano
    I like #2 as well. Love C2 paint colors. I used Salt Water on my walls and accented with Vex. Am going to use Glacial Stream on my bathroom that is currently being renovate. I find the lighter colors very soothing and relaxing, but that's a personal choice. Also, like I chose the Saltwater color based upon the fact that I live on the ocean and it seemed like a great match. I am sure you will be very heppy with whatever color you choose :) Good luck!
  • cegwallace
    You have inspired me with all four colors - I love them together. Can I ask you the names all four C2 colors. Thanks!
  • kperlot
    I love the Trans Atlantic blue color! I agree that 3 and 4 should be painted the same color, otherwise the shelving looks like a stripe and becomes a focal point. The good thing about paint is that you can easily and inexpensively change it. If you think you want space #3 to be silver, try that first. It is easier to paint over a light color than a darker one - much fewer coats.

    By the way, I love how neatly you've taped off and painted your swatches. Would you like to come live at my house? ;-)
  • catscats
    I would paint it a bright but soft yellow-green! Love green. Those lovely blues would make the space look smaller.
  • matthewe
    Benjamin White has site where you can "paint" your walls on a blank room to see it in three-d. there are probably others, too.
  • PRO
    StyleStage Atlanta
    As an interior design professional, my first question to you would be "What are the colors in adjoining areas that open to the bedroom?" Too often, this is overlooked and can create some glaring results. My 2nd question would be "How much light enters this room; and, how much overhead and accent lighting do you have in the room?" You do not want to go too dark and create a cave, unless that is pleasing to you. And, my 3rd question would be "What are your floors - looks like a dark hardwood; but, is it dark carpeting?" My final comments would be to NOT forget the ceiling. It too, serves as a wall in your room and it should not be treated as an afterthought and only painted white. I like the 2nd color of blue (from left to right) shown in the photo for walls if you have enough light and if it is complimentary to other adjoining rooms. I would paint all the walls the same color. I would choose a color one or two shades lighter for the ceiling. Also, I would suggest adding crown molding. It does not need to be ornate. If your rooms are 8'-0" or less in height, I would add a 4" molding at top - drop down 3 inches and add a 2nd molding about 1" wide. Paint all the molding and the space in between the moldings a bright white. This will draw the eye up and make room appear much taller. As a final note: changing the base boards to 5" will instantly update your home (again, painted bright white). Also, while you are remodeling the room - what kind of door hardware do you have? If you are still living in the world of brass - begin immediately changing the hardware in this room, and indeed throughout the home. Brushed nickel, bronze, etc. will instantly update the home. Hope these ideas are helpful to you.
  • Adam
    @StyleStage - Thank you for the comments.

    The house brand new, constructed in mid-2012. The architect/developer chose all of the finishes, hardware, flooring, etc. All the walls were white and everything is very modern.

    My master bedroom is the top floor of my townhouse, so the steps lead up to a small landing with a bathroom, shower room and my bedroom. The walls are currently white outside of the room.

    The large sliding door is east facing, so there is plenty of sunlight. I also have 4 Philips HUE LED light bulbs which provide light from every color in the spectrum.

    The floors are indeed a dark walnut stained hardwood.

    I haven't considered adding molding or changing the baseboards, simply because the rest of the house is identical and I thought it would look a little strange to just have different moldings/baseboards in one room.

    I talked a bit with AVS Interiors about the colors. She recommended the Trans Atlantic on all walls, and to paint the duct box above my bed with a shade of Trans about 20% lighter, and then the ceiling with a shade about 40% lighter.
  • PRO
    You also have HUE - aren't they great?!!!

    Being in Europe we don't automatically add mouldings to every build. So I don't normally recommend them as they are not part of our every day design vocabulary.
  • Adam
    Yes, the HUE lights are great. I have them in my bedroom and then 6 of them in my living room. Pricey, but awesome.
  • PRO
    I am using them everywhere from now on. Total convert!
  • oldblackdog
    I am quite crazy and not a designer. But - I find your trial squares so attractive , i wonder what the impact would be of continuing the squares around the room at that height...except for behind your barnwood and there I would repeat my favorite of the 4 as a solid.
  • sara9
    I love color. We just painted our master bedroom with 3 walls similar to the 3rd from the left...and our accent wall a rich indigo blue......Our headboard is a stark white which makes it all pop! Love waking up and falling asleep in these colors. Extremely soothing and cozy. It is NOT to's just rich.
  • Em Bee
    The blue you choose depends on the light exposure. It you face north or east and wish the room to look cosy, pick a warm blue. If the room faces south or west, go to a cooler blue with more mauve in it. Make sure your window covering is the black out type, or have panels at each side of the window that are room darkening or have room darkening liners underneath. Especially if you want to keep the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Perhaps the fabric can be a of a loose woven textured type in a silver grey colour.
  • Adam
    The large slider faces east out to a balcony that is above surrounding buildings, so the sunlight is pretty intense in the morning.
    I currently have a light filtering Bali Verticell cellular shade and standard cellular shade on the opposite windows. Light filtering does absolutely nothing, so my room is bright as day at 5:30am.

    I hate it and want to switch them out with a room darkening version from Bali. Need to find a good color to go with the Trans Atlantic (aka 3rd blue from the left).
    I can match the blue paint or go with a gray color called Glacier.
  • Em Bee
    Blinds are expensive so go neutral like the grey and last a fair long time. Paint can always be changed for fairly cheap. Make sure the blinds are outside mount to cut the light.
  • Adam
    I'm currently working with Home Depot to get them to swap out my existing cellular shades in the room. I definitely need to go to room darkening. They are $450 and $250 for the slider and windows, but the person promised me the "light filtering" would be good enough and it isn't at all.
  • Em Bee
    Keep on them. The salesperson sold you the wrong items and that's a lot of coin spend only to be disappointed.

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