Job as a gardener and back pain. What to do?

Some of you may know this but I landed a full time horticulture job back in January and now with spring here and me doing a lot more gardening activities my back is already starting to hurt. Not too bad but just a slight pain on my lower back just above my hips. Mainly the digging and lifting causes the back pain. How can I prevent this or deal with this? I bend my knees when digging or lifting but I still get some pain. Do I have to visit a chiropractic at a normal routine? My co worker who is in his mid 50s has been a farmer and greenhouse grower all his life and he often gets back pains and throws his back. He told me that doing this stuff since at a young age will cause your back to deteriorate overtime as you age. I do not want that please. How do I not become like him?

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