Need advice/suggestions for outdoor lighting

4 years ago
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I need some advice/suggestions for outdoor lighting.

I'm getting my house painted in July, gray and white, similar to what I have now. I'd like to get the electrical squared away before the painters come.

I just had my garage door opening changed from the original clipped corners to square. The garage door will be the same color as the trim. I know the prevailing opinion is to paint the door the same color as the siding, but I've lived with this for 9 months, and it's grown on me.

I'd like to get lights for either side of the garage door and replace the undersized (7" high) light beside my front door. Or would over the door (barn lights) be a possibility for the garage?

I want a flat black finish. I would be okay with ORB if it appears black. The garage lights and porch light would need to look good together. Should they match?

I just read that the porch and garage lights should be 1/3-1/4 the height of the door. That's a minimum of 20", which seems gargantuan to me. I would be the only house on my block with garage lights. Would 15" be big enough?

Motion sensor? Dusk to dawn? LED?

The visuals:

Garage door opening before. 7" porch light in background. Tiny.

Garage door opening after:

House color is more accurate in Before pic, as these were taken at different times of day. Trim unpainted. Little blank spot above top left of door is where old hardwired house number used to be. Current house number is just some stickers I put up until I buy nice house numbers.

This is a general idea of what my house looks like. I have no idea what to call the style. Early Nineties Tract might be accurate. Not contemporary, not traditional, just a little house. I like craftsman and non-fussy.

These are a few lights that appeal to me, but I'm open to suggestions:

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