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Fence with neighbor: horizontal redwood vs vertical white

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello everyone.

We need to rebuild the fence between our house and the neighbors’. Currently it is a plain vertical, seamless wood fence. On our side it’s painted white, on theirs, red. Their house is stucco with red shingles, ours is all white farmhouse-like design, and horizontal plank siding. We also like our white fence because it reflects sunlight through our windows and brightens the interiors.

They want the new fence to be gapped horizontal wood boards, using redwood. I’ve never seen that style in white, though, so it could be a problem for us. We also prefer a seamless privacy fence, but the horizontal style seems to call for gaps. In my mind, privacy fences should be seamless, and a gapped horizontal wood board fence is more appropriate as a facade in the front, facing the street.

Would it be reasonable to ask to do the privacy fence in seamless vertical style? It could still be modern board and batten. They can leave it unpainted on their side, and we’d be able to paint it white.

I just don’t know if it would be strange for them to agree to a vertical fence between the houses, but use horizontal in the front.

Any thoughts?

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