My Aloe polyphylla journey:)

I decided to start my own Spiral Aloe thread. Keep everybody updated on my journey at attempting to keep them alive:). Mostly pictures for now.

First purchased May 30th:).

Potted in a gallon container in 70% pumice and 30% C&S soil. Didn't do exact measurements so a rough estimate.

June 8th. Definitely not so curled in. A little more relaxed;).

Today June 13th:). I feel like he's definitely opened up more.

This is the new Spiral Aloe I got on Sunday. Much smaller plant, but the roots are nice and healthy. I repotted today. Here are the pics:).

Also potted in roughly 70% pumice and 30% C&S soil.

Here is where they stay. No direct sun. Just bright filtered light. It's enough light to keep my Aeonium 'Mardi Gras' burgundy. I don't want to fry them in the hot summer sun. So I thought this spot would be good:).

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