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Subway tile problem- can't tell if I'm being a lunatic about this

June 21, 2017
We are doing a remodel on our bathroom and I have decided to go with subway tile. I was hoping to get a clean uniform look with a brick pattern , but the tiles that we purchased only come with the bullnose on the long end which means the short wall by the bathtub (see photo) ended up with a funky design put together by the tile guy (can't make the brick pattern work). I'm having a hard time accepting it and wondering if others would feel the same. I'm also curious what other options might be… Thinking of putting a marble slab on the top and end of this wall instead. Thoughts?

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  • PRO
    Mint Tile LLC

    why do you have wedi board in the back right corner? Give the guy an A for creativity but its you that needs to dictate the layout or give them the OK to design on the fly. If you yourself dont know what you want and thats the best they can do?

    Its just not executed well and grout wont help it. I would put the brakes on and remove it. You can employ someone to install with all miters $$$ if you want to stick to subway only. Use jolly flashings, purchase the correct bullnose pieces, add another element such as a chair rail or cap it with solid surface( easiest ). It's questionable in that they'd try to pass that off on you. and id look closer at everything including waterproofing integrity and corner treatments as well..this all should have been specified and signed off on before day 1 - best.

  • PRO
    Design Inside - Chicago

    I agree that the wall looks weird. I like your idea of the marble. That will make it look much cleaner.

  • Ryan
    I vote for marble slab. Or another hard waterproof material you will be using in the remodel (quartz, larger tile, etc)
  • wannabath

    This is another case where the builder,tile person and tile buyer should have been on the same page. An experienced contractor knows every detail has to be thought out it isn't just show up and go with it.

    Use a marble or quartz cap. Relatively cheap and a cleaner look.

    Plastic tub? Are this tiles laying on the tub or is there a gap?

  • Deana

    I think your feelings are completely justifiable - your eyes are drawn to the pattern immediately. Go to a granite/counter fabricator and get slabs made for the top and side.

    I'm not sure if this helps, but here are two pics from two of my bathrooms with a similar concept although we didn't do subway tiles. (Both are still WIP):

  • Deana

    The fabricator should have plenty of scraps around his shop that could/should accommodate small rectangle slabs for you without necessitating a full slab purchase

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    A 1/2" thick solid surface cap with a 1" edge build up siliconed on top of the wall will cure everything nicely.

  • PRO

    As Joe, and the front of the knee wall didn't need tile at all. Just top the top with a remnant white quartz, and remove the tile from front of knee wall entirely.

    If that is toilet area beyond tub I'd have stopped the subway at the knee wall edge anyway.

  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    No tile flange on that tub? Questionable water proofing behind it? "Creative'' tiling. SMH.

  • D F

    I like how flat that tile is. What tile are you using? I wouldn't keep the creative tiling. My DH would insist that it stays because it isn't nice to the guy who did the work but I'd want it removed.

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