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Emily H
June 21, 2017

Sag Harbor Historic Home · More Info

We're looking for the most inspirational and amazing stories to feature on Houzz TV. Have you recently completed a project or are you about to? Will it be a dramatic transformation and impact your life in a positive way? Did you use Houzz to get ideas, find a pro or buy products? We want to know more. Share your story and pictures here.

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  • kevin_b_charlotte_nc

    We are just about to start a project to turn the unused attic space over our free-standing garage into an 800 sqft. vaulted-ceiling designer loft apartment.

    My wife (age 38) has a serious illness unfortunately, so I am envisioning it being used for family visits and even potentially a full time move-in health care professional if necessary.

    If Houzz TV wanted to film and document the project we would be open to it.. (Charlotte, NC). Could make for an interesting story, from both a personal and design perspective.

  • Heidi M

    Before and after! The lighting looks bad but it's actually quite bright in there! used houzz religiously for inspiration. Thanks Houzz!

  • Tracy

    Monday 7/17 we start the Reno of 3 bathrooms and Master bedroom. We have lived in our home for 6 years. I finally have had it with balancing my lucite makeup tray on two sinks in the master bath. The bathroom had been somewhat renovated so I wanted to update to a brighter and much more organized area with increased flow and views. Our master bedroom had three doors right next to each other which was not only an eyesore to me, but took away function as well. We are taking out one door to construct a pocket door, we dry walled one door and moved into the master bath and will be adding glass transoms to increase the flow of light and to match other areas of our house. We also designed very specific cabinets and drawers for makeup, tools, lighted makeup mirror (hopefully hidden) and hidden scale.

    I have attached the three bathrooms that will be renovated! Wish us luck. We are moving out of the house this weekend.

    The top photo is what we are calling the tub bath.

    2nd is the shower bath.

    3rd and 4th Master bath.

    So come on over to Holland, Mich. enjoy Lake Michigan and see work in progress or the final. Should be done by Sept. 1!


  • Valerie Vezey
    My husband and I purchased a home in small town Indiana, about an hour from where we live. We are opening a donut cafe and are in the middle of renovations. Our plan is to convert the first floor into the business and live in the flat above the shop. We are working with a local designer and a husband and wife contractor who grew up in the area. We have been warmly welcomed by the locals and are really excited about bringing coffee and donuts to the community.
  • tracy lauer

    We are in the midst of converting an 1850 farmhouse which had become multifamily back to a single family home with extensive renovations and an addition. Houzz has been great for inspiration as well as our go to in finding the perfect items. Attached are pics of the Kitchen, next will be a galley kitchen being transformed into our master bath which will be centered around beautiful vanity that recently arrived from Houzz.

  • Adam Fleming

    We're about to embark on renovating a 1960's Ranch style home in San Antonio, TX. Will be knocking down 2 walls, installing all new floors, plus a complete interior paint makeover. (Kitchen and Bath re-model to come later!) Wish us luck!

  • PRO
    Loribeth Clark

    We completely remodeled and redecorated the 1950s ranch that we bought two years ago. It was stuck in the 1970s. An addition added in the 70s made the layout awkward, so we removed the wall between the living room and dining room to give the house flow. Here are some before and after pictures:

    The kitchen was not laid out well at all. We replaced all the cabinets with custom Amish made cabinets and reworked the layout a bit.

    Another view of the kitchen, this time of the breakfast nook.

    Here's the family/sitting room. Paint and new flooring made a world of difference.

    This is the living room. You can kind of see the wall we took out.

    In the living room, we closed off the opening to the hallway, because we didn't need it after taking out the wall.

    Not the same angle, but you can see the wall we took out in the living room.

    Here's the dining room. We took out the wall and opened it up to the living room.

    And the bedroom.

    We did a lot more, but these are the major transformations. We are only the second owners of this house. The previous owners built this three bedroom ranch in 1953. I didn't want a cookie-cutter house, and this house has a floor plan that I've never seen before, but that works extremely well for us.

  • cssnodgrass

    Burnished Antique Copper 3 Light Cast Aluminum Wall Lantern · More Info

    New construction, our Acadian/Farmhouse empty nester we designed from the floor plan to every finished detail and built ourselves (husband is general contractor). A sink from 1934, a kitchen island framed with a hand hewn beam from the 1800s, and an old set of windmill blades mounted on the ceiling of the back porch. I have purchased several items from Houzz including my dining room chandelier, our front porch sconces, along with other items. We should move in around August 1, 2017, not soon enough.

  • leonardjan
    We are starting a major Cottage renovation in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. We are excited to be using reclaimed heart Pine hardwood floor throughout the cottage. we will also be designing a new fireplace, kitchen, and a small Edition. We are just starting so let us know if you need any pictures.
  • Kelly Clawson
    Good bye 1986!

    We are doing an exterior remodel on our cottage style home. New windows and doors, siding replacement, lighting updates, porch renovation, full paint job (going from tan/beige to a dramatic midnight blue color with white trim), and architectural detail additions.

    We began planning this on the Houzz app two years is our first "sketch" done using the Houzz app, along with our inspiration photos found on Houzz!

    The first step so far has been the removal of a portion of the full stone wall on the front of the house (attached photo of the progress). We will use those stones to build a fire pit near the stream on our property.

    Window installation is scheduled for this Monday with the rest of the work to follow shortly there after.

    We have additional phases planned for next year including the replacement of the deck on the rear of the house and the addition of a screened in patio (and maybe a pool!) outside of our walk out basement.

    My husband, our four children, two dogs, and cat would love to share our house renovation adventures with the Houzz community. We have learned so much from you and would love to give back!
  • Meghan Ford

    My husband Steve and I were looking for our dream home with a neighborhood perfect to raise our two little girls. I found a home...which was not the ideal house, but I kept looking at the bones of it. My husband on the other hand couldn't see the big picture, it took several trips back to the house to finally convince him that it was "our dream home". I am SOOOO happy we found this home and turned a 1970's ranch style home into exactly everything I wanted. I can look at 80% of my home and it is all my personal touch, that's such an amazing feeling. I am very blessed. The pictures I'm sharing are of our biggest renovations- kitchen, dining room, living room, outside of the home and landscaping. Hope you enjoy seeing our journey through the pictures. I say our journey because my husband and myself put in A LOT of blood, sweat and some tears into this home:) Enjoy!

  • PRO
    Julie Deuble

    Black and Tan · More Info

    As a professional kitchen designer I've helped hundreds of clients transform their homes. Last year it was finally my turn. Our 1980s kitchen was way overdue for an update, but we went further than a simple out with the old-in with the new replacement. We relocated the laundry to the 2nd floor, moved the powder room to a more private location, opened a wall to expand the kitchen, and created our dream space. We designed everything--the types of cabinets, specific sizes . . . we love it! Before and after photos attached.

    A Designer's Own Kitchen · More Info

  • manonperrin

    1866 Farmhouse in Wilmington NY. Just starting to work on it…More to come!

  • Heather Thomas

    My husband and I recently quit our jobs, sold our house and moved from Florida to Southwest Georgia to open our own restaurant, The American. We are almost finished renovating the restaurant which was built in 1895, it's come a long way! Once we open, we'll begin renovating our home, which was built in 1922. It's currently a total mess but has great potential. We ripped up the floors to expose the hard wood but decided to wait to have them refinished so we have to wear shoes inside now! :) Everything needs painting, there's wallpaper just hanging from the walls. We plan to turn the entire upstairs into a theater room. We plan to turn the butler's pantry into a mudroom

    with a dog washing station, we have three poodles. I also am dreaming about my walk in closet and changing room. More information and photos are available upon request. Included a

    re some before and after photos of the restaurant and current pics of the house. Instagram @HeatherJonesThomas and the restaurant @TheAmericanBainbridgeGA

  • Jennifer Pollock

    We are in the middle of renovating a 90 year old American tudor in the Milwaukee area. It is fun finding things like carpenter-signed china cabinets and Inspection notices in the walls! We are in phase 1 - the first floor, with plans to do the second floor and basement in the future. I am on Houzz everyday for ideas, total lifesaver with so many choices to make!

  • Kara McGuirk

    Mike, William and I moved into this Acorn Deck house 4 years ago. It was built in 1977.
    The previous owners took great care of the home, but their projects have turned
    into our renovations. The first thing we wanted to redo was the kitchen...but you know...
    life. I went back to work full time at NPR to launch a new podcast, things got busy. We
    dealt with the wonky appliances, the pink floor-tile countertops, the sawdust under all
    the wood cabinets.

    Then this past Sept. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband (the family chef)
    was suddenly the breadwinner, and primary caregiver to ME and our 8 year old. We
    needed something to look forward to. I said “let’s do the goddamn kitchen.”

    We hired a fabulous designer (found on Houzz) Joni Zimmerman and started
    planning and appliance shopping in between chemo treatments. To take a term from
    radio programming, we launched July 3.

    Our kitchen will have custom horizontal walnut grain cabinets, a Galley sink, Miele
    appliances and Sonneman suspenders. The Bertoia style bar stools have already been
    delivered. Walls are coming down, heat and air conditioning re routed, and the floors
    refinished. It is a giant project inspired by my houzz ideabook. But we just beat cancer, we can do anything.

    Before pic and in progress pics

  • pjay123
    In January of this year we had a leak in a kitchen cabinet that was running under our kitchen floor that in turn became a black mold and asbestos remediation. After the floor and half of the kitchen cabinets had been ripped out we decided we would "bite the bullet" and continue with a kitchen and partial house remodel, which would also mean a main bath update as we knew we had a leak coming from our second story main bath. I began to jokingly call this house reno, 'The Leaky House'. Houzz has been my go-to resource through out the reno process. We ended up hiring an excellent contractor through a good friend, as we have walked through the process we have learned a lot. Houzz has been an excellent resource from choosing cabinet colours, flooring advice, paint colours and plumbing fixtures. Along the way we have had to jack hammer our basement floor to install a sump pump, fix an emergency leak when a cabinet installer cut through a hot water pipe and cut down a chimney on our roof to accommodate new furnace and hot water tank venting. It has been an adventure to say the least!
  • pjay123
    More pics of The Leaky House reno
  • pjay123
    The Leaky House's a long story
  • oliviaharding

    My parents bought a beach condo a few months ago. It hadn't been touched in 30 years! We used Houzz for ideas for the style we were going for, the color palettes, the kitchen design, wainscoting etc. We did the majority of the reno ourselves, only hiring out electricians, plumbers for the parts we couldn't do ourselves.

    Still a work in progress. I'll post final pictures if anyone's interested.

  • Beulah Garrick

    I was only looking to see what u were about ,do not want to receive anymore emails from u .Thank u.

  • amandaheravi

    We are almost done with the complete remodel of our Vermont mountain home. We converted a 70's A-frame to a Scandinavian inspired get-away.

    Here is one room's before and after. Houzz was a source for inspiration and products!

  • Leah
    Wow Amanda Heravi!!!!! What an absolutely gorgeous space!
  • Brian

    If you are looking for an endless supply of projects to feature, my wife and I are closing on our fixer upper in two weeks. It's two homes (main and in-law) on an acre and a half that has been completely let go. It's "that property" in our town that ruins the neighborhood, and we are going to be renovating just about everything.

  • rudevine

    My name is Ruth DeVine and we are converting an old Michigan church into our home. It is a "work in progress".

    The main building is 144 old. Below is the before of the floor in sanctuary when it was covered with carpet that was glued onto wood that was then glued to the paper on this floor.
    The after picture of the original red pine floor. The boards are 10-12 inches wide. In this photo the floor had just been sealed and was not yet dry so it's glossy. It will have a satin finish to help keep that lovely patina look of an old floor.

    We created a bathroom by combining the Men and Ladies Rooms. We like to re-purpose items so have gotten creative with ideas for using old pews.

    If you would like to know more about our project please contact me.

  • hjswingl

    We remodeled our kitchen last year and Houzz was an invaluable source of inspiration, products, and vendors.

  • rudevine

    looks amazing!

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    If I couldn't get this oxidizing reinforcement rod removed and repaired cost effectively, this island, and depending on availability of matching material, possibly all the kitchen countertops, would have to be replaced:

    Fortunately, I did it:

  • PRO
  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    Love the flamingos.

  • Kathy Norris Boye

    Wow, amandaheravi, beautiful! We are just beginning remodeling & updating our A-frame. I'd love to see more pictures of yours. I'll document ours at

  • jpc588

    My husband was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, and although we had just finished renovating our 1920s Craftsman home, we realized that its layout and steep stairs were no longer safe for him. So about a year ago we reluctantly began searching for a one-story house that would better meet our needs. The housing market where we live is incredibly competitive and it took us 9 months of frustration and disappointment to finally win a bidding war and get a house. We absolutely love the location of our new a quiet neighborhood near downtown, work, school, the hospital and a beautiful river...but at 932 square feet, it's a bit too small for our family of 5. Little did we know that enlarging it would turn out to be SO difficult! As it turns out, because it's a corner lot, we have setback issues and can not change the footprint of the house. This means that, despite our efforts to get out of a 2-story house, we will still end up with a second story (luckily, it will just be the kid's bedrooms upstairs--my husband and I will have our bedroom and bathroom downstairs). It has been a good experience for us to think realistically about the future and try and design a living space and lifestyle that will work as we get older and less able-bodied. We just submitted our plans to the city (fingers crossed they get approved!), and we are incredibly excited to get things soon as we find a builder! Houzz has been an invaluable resource for both design ideas as well as finding professionals in our area. Thanks!

  • T Alcorn
    After two years of building our guest home it's almost complete. My husband and I did almost all of the construction ourselves. The guest home is situated above a 7 acre pond on 160 acres of land. The house is inside a metal building which was sourced on Craigslist. The kitchen/living room ceiling and one wall are reclaimed wood from torn down Army barracks. Our kitchen island is a Coke ice box and it will have a unique top as well. Our kitchen cabinets are to be delivered soon and their installation is one of the two larger tasks we have to complete. We are excited to have family and guests stay in our 'country' hideaway.
  • darralisa
    We did our 2000 + sf basement with ideas from houzz for about $6000
  • PRO

    We LOVE Houzz! We found that people have a huge need of building with their pets in mind. So we created HIDEAGATE for luxury homes. Our gate retracts into the wall when not in use. Now luxury, custom homes don't need to use cheap, flimsy dog or baby gates that affect the overall interior design. We've added HIDEAGATE to many of our custom homes.

    Dog Gate in Double Oak House · More Info

  • PRO
    Resto-Modern Homes LLC

    My husband and I Just finished this 1968 MCM contemporary project in
    coastal CT. It was a sad disaster when
    we found it - four stories tall leaking water from top to bottom! But we saw
    great bones, and impressive architectural flair. It was a challenging and engaging project
    which helped bring our skills into focus, and we are very proud of the finished
    house. Houzz played a big role in
    everything from choosing paint schemes to outfitting the details. We found both products and photos that helped
    us find everything from floating vanities to
    the sleek stainless steel railings, and Mid-Century light fixtures. In the end we even bumped into classmates of
    the architect who originally built it! They
    loved it too. It was so nice to connect
    what we restored and re-imagined with the person who created the home in the
    first place. Amazing karma! Now, we’re friends with the new owners who
    purchased the house from us, and we continue to follow how it is becoming a
    lovely home to its new family!

    Check out all the finished pictures here!

    And for fun, some before and afters below!

  • Johan Gyllenkrok

    I bought a mountain home in Big Bear, CA that had not been updated since it was built in 1986 and was in terrible shape. I got a lot of inspiration from Houzz, came up with designs and went on YouTube to learn how to do it. I did most of the work myself. I wanted the house to have a warm and comfortable contemporary mountain feel.

  • elaineclairem
    • I am a resident of Ulster County, New York a short 1 1/2 hour drive or bus ride from New York City.
      My family home suffered a total loss after a fire in December 2016. I've been slowly regaining my life back with the rebuild of my new home on the same site as the old one.
    • I met with an architect a few months ago who designed a cape for me.
    • I have been in constant contact with my builder at Hudson View Construction out of Newburgh, New York.
    • I often seek advice on this site and come up with ideas that I share with my builder. I am going for the look of the Arts and Craft era and find inspiration at Houzz. I just love your pictures.
    • Framing is starting to shape up now and as each stage is completed I search for ideas for the next step.
      CertainTeed Vinyl Siding CT - Stratford CT · More Info
    • This is the siding I picked out from Houzz. Now I'm researching house colors and kitchen fixtures.
    • I like this:picture:

    The Great Spaces! Kitchen · More Info

    I'll let you guys know how its going.

    Although I lost everything in the fire, rebuilding and designing the interior is exciting but I do look forward to completion.

    I can't wait to go home! I would appreciate any input Houzz can give me because I find this process so overwhelming and at times am not sure of my own decisions.

    Did I mention that I am a recently retired Registered Nurse?

    Now that my work stress is over I am ready to take on this daunting project.

  • me

    I am getting ready to renovate an 1864 church into my home and have gotten a lot of great ideas from Houzz so far. Trying to keep it in the period but modernize some and brighten it up. Not sure what's under the paneling or the carpet yet. All eight windows are stained glass so not a lot of natural light gets in. Will keep the original stained glass front window, too. Trying to keep it all open except the bathroom. So far there is just a half bath. There is a bell in the bell tower! Could use some expertise!!

  • lazidazi

    WoW...! What a wonderfully FUN project.

  • me

    Nervous, but excited!!!! thanks. Ideas?

  • lazidazi

    Well...[smile] lots to do!

    Sell [all but a few of] the pews.

    Remove the asphalt; build a yard/grounds. Find out where the original ground level was at the front door. Weird application to have asphalt up to the building; it will never look right to have paving like that anywhere around the house [except a drive and parking pad].

    What's behind the ceiling tiles? Looking at the exterior roof pitch, it may well be framed such that the ceiling height could easily be changed. Would look better for that space not to have the existing flat ceiling, and have it vaulted instead. And yes, very much agree to leave it one open space as much as possible.

    Good to leave stained glass windows - Yes! But I need to be able to look out windows. If you are the same, you might be able to add windows on the two sides of the building, in between the stained glass ones.

    Other than the tower/vestibule, the building is a rectangle, which is easiest to deal with. Don't know how many sq ft you have, or your needs for the house, but you could put your bedroom and bath at one end [ie, triple window end], leaving the entire center space open as living/dining/kitchen. That jut-out that appears to be in the middle of the room is awkward, but hard to tell what I'm seeing, to be comfortable saying much more.

    Too much info I don't know to speculate further [sq ft, your usage, bdrm #s, etc, etc].

  • lazidazi

    Forgot to say, for additional light: Solar tubes are an excellent way to let in natural light. I recently put two on a house I remodeled and it made an extraordinary difference; planning the same for my own house.

    You should still add other windows [you can look out of], but light tubes through the roof are something to consider.

  • me

    I like it! Under the drop ceilings are 20 foot ceilings with panels, under those are wood beams, no insulation at all. Got a lot to work with. The jut-out is a half bath and a small office or coat closet ( has to go because it blocks view of stained glass in front). I have to have some windows to look out and see gardens and birds, so will have to do something about some of the windows for sure. It is a rectangle - 1575 square feet. Love the idea of light tubes, will look into that for sure. Never heard of them. Oh, you're right, the asphalt has to go! It's scary.... Thank you!!!!

  • Kathy Norris Boye

    We are making progress on our complete remodel of our A-frame cabin. We are debating changing the proposed bathroom to have a stacked washer/dryer instead of a long tub/shower. Wondering if it's possible to have both the stacked washer/dryer as well as a small stall shower. Thoughts?

    Follow the remodel at

    EXISTING FLOOR PLAN - Main floor:

    PROPOSED FLOOR PLAN - Main floor:

  • Katie Donahue

    I honestly can't remember why your videos started popping up in my FaceBook feed, but after watching a few, I was hooked into the idea that we should renovate our existing home, instead of buying a new one.

    The short version of our story is that my now three and a half year-old son has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. So rare, there is no name or syndrome to it, because until we discovered that my husband has it, he was the only one in the world we could find with it. Because of this, my son has quite a few special needs. My husband traveling 3 hours round trip to work three days a week and working from home the other two, my son's special needs, and me homeschooling our 6 year-old daughter has presented a unique challenge in how we want our home to be.

    We found a designer on HOUZZ that is willing to work with us in my desire to completely think outside of the box in our home and property Reno and redesign. Our plan is to make our 1950's brick rancher more fun, better use of space, and creative for the therapies and unique needs that our family has.

    We are in the beginning stages, and my idea book is pretty random, but I'm completely excited and ready to continue using the resources that HOUZZ provides!

  • PRO

    We've just started a remodel on a 1928 Spanish cottage. Right in the center of town, this marks a big move for us from acreage out of town.

    The house is about 1300 square feet and sits on a 10,000 sq ft lot, which is great.

    It's not been dramatically remodeled except for a garage/studio

    addition ten years ago.

    We'll update, open it up to the generous back yard and add a master suite plus a workshop/office space.

    It needs a new landscape and new exterior paint. The house is zoned for residential and business so we, or a renter if that's what we end up doing, can run a business from home. It will end up as a 2 Bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house.

    HERE WE GO...

  • Soupkitchin

    Love my log cabin. However...the kitchen is awful, burgundy countertops? who does hubby wants a bigger bedroom with cross ventilation, and I want a new kitchen. We are going to bump out the dining room wall and make that bigger while surrounding the deck and creating a 3 season screened porch with wood fireplace. Then add on a master bed and bath with vaulted ceiling, and walk thru shower. Next, eliminate the wall between current bed and kitchen to expand and update kitchen. I have a vision.

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