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Retractable Awnings - Are There Any Good Ones Out There?

My home has a very hot south-west facing deck. We never use it - it is just too hot. We decided to purchase a retractable awning and in researching different companies I am reading a lot of bad reviews about every company and very few good reviews. They all seem to be of poor quality, the fabric tears after a year, the motor dies....the list of complaints goes on and on. It is a typical 16' x 10' deck. We just want something that will keep out the sun. Any suggestions?

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  • Liz K 7b-8a Charlotte

    No responses? Anybody?

  • dbrad

    Never researched one myself - that Sunsetter they've advertised on TV for years is the only thing that even comes to mind. I'd start by checking the warranties on the major players in the market and go with the one whose warranty is the best.

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    What about a patio cover instead of something fabric?

  • Cindy M

    A little late to the game, but in case you're still looking... here's an idea: have you looked at adjustable louvered roofs? They might be more expensive than what you're looking for b/c they're more than awnings for sure. BUT they last forever, unlike the awning and are a true investment in your home. They're like a pergola but the louvers adjust via remote control 160 degrees to open for sun or close for shade and rain protection. They're super durable and can be clad to fit design styles. But, like I said, they're a significant jump in price from an awning. BUT they're a lot less than a porch (unless you add all the whistles and bells like screening, heaters, speakers, PVC cladding, lighting, fans, etc...in that case, it might come a bit closer to a porch cost) A basic one for your size deck, w/ a fan, would prob cost you anywhere between $7K-15K depending on size of the Equinox and other variables and such. Here's a pic of a basic one from Core Outdoor Living in DC Metro region. You can probably search adjustable louvered roof or Equinox Adjustable Louvered Roof and find dealer/installers in your area. You can check out Core's portfolio too to get ideas. http://www.coreoutdoor.com/equinox/

  • PRO
    Garden State Shade LLC

    Liz, there are a number of good retractable awnings. I would caution you that the awning is only as good as the company who installs it, and how it is installed. It's not the type of project you want to try and save a couple dollars on. Stay away from purchasing on the internet, from phone sales people, and big box retailers. Do it right the first time with the help of a local, knowledgeable, and reputable dealer.

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