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Do any bog plants grow well in cold water?

June 24, 2017

We live in a low area, and our sump pump runs almost every spring through late fall, discharging through a buried pipe into the culvert that runs under our driveway. This created a huge swamp on the opposite side that I've been converting into a rain garden/bog garden. I created two long, raised beds on either side out of fieldstone that I planted in with native perennials. This looks great, and attracts numerous bees, butterflies and birds. I then poured in pea gravel to create an artificial streambed ~15 ft long between the raised beds, and even dug out a section where the stream discharges into a small goldfish pond. I'm now looking to add more water plants around the "shore" to enhance the look.

My problem is that the water is COLD! Since it's groundwater, it's around 50F out of the sump, and since the sump kicks on numerous times per hour the water never heats up, even when it's 90F outside. The only things I've found that are doing well are the cattails I've transplanted from the swamp down the road. Arrowroot does so-so; the mature plants I put in last summer are just now re-sprouting, likely due to the cold soil. A pot of parrotfeather in the water is surviving, but not growing larger.

Any suggestions?

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