Patio floor and door color?

May 12, 2013
last modified: May 12, 2013
We are redoing our back patio area and I need help picking out a color for our door and patio, please help!

We will be using James Hardie Timber Bark for our siding with trim in Cobblestone.

This is our back patio that we are redoing. DH has stripped the paint and there is now a slider where the French doors are. Note, the pool decking will stay as is for right now and we are enclosing the patio area (from the white poles to the wall) with a sliding screen wall system.

So now the issue becomes what color to paint the patio (we just can't get all the layers of paint and glue off well enough to stain) and what color to paint the exterior door, on the right. Oh, and we are replacing the door with a full view window with enclosed blinds. All windows have been replaced as well with white vinyl windows.

I'm thinking we should paint the patio a shade between the siding and trim but I don't know if that would be too much 'brown' and possibly paint the door a dark blue? Or lighter blue or some other color altogether?

Here's a pic of the front of the house when we replaced the front door so you have a color reference for what goes well with the brick, if that even matters. The pillars will be the darker brown with caps of the trim color. The ceiling will be the trim color....will the pillars look weird being the only darker shade on the front of the house?

This won't be a cheap project so I want to make sure I'm making good decisions. I'm pretty good with the big pieces but when it comes to details, I truly struggle.

Thanks everyone!

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