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what type of artwork can i get?

August 19, 2017

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  • 2014diane

    Chelsea Apartment · More Info
    Jackson Pollock painting

  • havingfun

    sky is the limit!

  • dyliane

    something you love and have a meaning for you. art is not made to cover empty walls

  • havingfun

    no but every inch of sparable empty wall is meant for art, and there is always a ways to squeeze a little more!

  • KatieJo G
    What do you like? Buy art because you love looking at it.
  • everdebz

    Tapestry / fabric in 2nd was Ikea's -- could have stapled over wood frames [becoming a wallpaper look]...

    Eclectic Family Room · More Info
    My First Place Studio Apartment, Calgary · More Info
  • everdebz

    Have no idea of the quality -- maybe could be starched/ treated somehow... maybe starched onto the wall...

    Mandala, Maroon Wall Tapestry, Large · More Info
    Full Om Mandala Wall Tapestry, Large · More Info

  • everdebz

    Diy - 12 rectangular Michael's canvases - paint red/white on each... hang like an American flag....designers make a deal about the British flag... or other.

  • Rina

    I think Everdebz's ladder rungs are very cool, and good for the space.

    This solution would ask a lot of you in terms of art hunting -- I've totally faked the images from a painting at https://za.pinterest.com/pin/492299802991873445/. But the main thing is the idea of a gallery of reasonably large works that live well together. If I were to do this, and didn't have the art ready to hang, I would take a long time about finding the perfect pieces, and possibly get a good gallery on my side to help.

    ssbn18 thanked Rina
  • derlandson

    It is hard to answer without seeing the rest of your room and getting an idea of your taste.

  • P Banos

    How about very large photographic print in b/w?

    ssbn18 thanked P Banos
  • havingfun

    i am very interested in the new printing on glass. you could print on that?

  • P Banos

    What is your budget? $200, $2000, $10000? At the lower end, photos or prints on canvas. If you have more $$ we can look for original art. Do you prefer representational (objects look like what they are), abstract(objects sort of look like what they are) or non-objective (no objects) art? Said you want color, well what color should predominate? Or just multicolored?

  • acm

    Only you know your taste, but I like a large abstract here. I found this at OneBigCanvas.com, where a 4x3' framed canvas is under $500 -- you might dig around there by category, color, artist, etc., and see if anything grabs you.

    This one goes up to 60" wide for around $600 before the sale.

  • havingfun

    if you decide to go with actual art work and you are offering to pay $200 or more, please look for original work.

  • P Banos

    For $1000 you should be able to find a large (say 40" tall x 60" wide) canvas original (or two!) by a student or emerging artist. I'd consider going to school or other art fairs and figuring out what you really like. You may find an artist whose work appeals to you. You can also look on the internet, like Etsy, but I think we need to see a painting in person to really know how it looks. There are textures that will not be evident in a picture. Shopping for original art is really fun, but you do need to be patient. You probably won't discover the next Jackson Pollock, but you may discover artists who excite or enchant you.

  • ssbn18

    where do i find an emerging artist?

  • shirlpp

    I've seen this post at least 3 times. What are you doing, deleting and then asking again? Those little men climbing the walls are out that you said you liked....GET ARTWORK.

  • PRO
    Blue Stone Photography

    Art Prints: Reflection · More Info
    I can do this image as a 40"x60" canvas print. Here's the link in my gallery: Reflection I can post mock up tonight that places the canvas print in your room.

  • ssbn18

    not my style . Thank you though

  • P Banos

    Art fairs or art school shows, cooperative galleries etc. will carry artists that are not well known.

  • diyher

    I agree local art fairs are great places. Not sure where you live, but Summer and Fall are great times of the year for purchasing artwork. I do art festivals myself, but I'm a photographer and offer my work on many mediums, one of them being canvas. But, if you are looking for painters, you can find many at well-run festivals that jury their artists. Let me know what state and I might know websites you can go to find what is in your area to attend.

  • njay
    Simply get what you like. If you have any juried art shows in your area, you might be able to find something that suits your taste.
  • diyher

    here is one website that lists art festivals in the US. You can search what area of the country you are looking for. https://festivalnet.com/

  • Lois Huneycutt

    Local art shows, student exhibits at local colleges, galleries, etc. sometimes independent frame shops carry work by local artists. Visit museums and galleries when you travel. Etsy.

  • ssbn18

    I have been to some local art fairs and usually very expensive. I live in Florida. I am looking for something unusual. Either metal art or abstract painting. Probably 2 pictures side by side. Big and colorful.

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